Hacking List of dols that are confirmed to load from preloader 0.25


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Jul 12, 2007
I've heard a few people saying they got several different dols running from within preloader v0.25. I've banged my head against the keyboard for a while now, and still only gotten gecko os to run from preloader, so I figured we need a place to list all stuff working so far.

To make this list actually useful, and since it appears to my experience that most stuff DONT WORK, only post dols that are CONFIRMED WORKING BY YOURSELF from the load/install dol menu item in preloader. This because of the fact that every recomplile from source of a program produces a somewhat unique binary, and thus making the number of slightly different dols vast.

To make the results repeatable and verifiable, don't post without adding a SHA1 checksum of the dol. The reason why sha1 is better than say crc32 or md5, should be apparent to all -- but if not, GOOGLE. Also, since sha1 is what's used to verify all stuff on the Wii, basically every program, rompacker, ninja-elite-homebrew-tool out there has a sha1.exe binary bundled for all you poor souls running windows.

When checksumming your working dol, just run CODEsha1.exe in the console (that means the command promt -- i.e. run: cmd.exe --- you windows peeps), and the output should look like:
SHA1(geckoos.dol)= 52639d188f91fb177aefbd00330f5858271099db
On some linux systems the command is called sha1sum, on *BSD sha1, and should be installed by default.

It would also be helpful to post a link to the binary. Preferably on Megaupload, since they are totally foolproff and don't have a download limit; and files are kept 21d after last download. (90d if you register.) The download link is located on top of the page when you're done uploading. Also, please enter the output from sha1 as file description. This makes it a lot easier to get the right file if looking for a particular one -- see the geckoos one for an example.

To make this even more consistent and easy to manage, just copy-paste the contents of the following code block to your reply and replace the placeholders.
HTMLProgram name and version details:
Checksum of binary:
Version of system menu: //
Have you dip-patched all of your ios:es, i.e. installed what is referred to as CIOSCORP? /
Download link on megaupload (if available):
Any other notes that might affect: /

So without further ado; confirmed working binaries on preloader 0.25 so far are:
  • Gecko OS 1.06g SHA1(geckoos.dol)= 52639d188f91fb177aefbd00330f5858271099db [3.2E+C]

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