Linux running on Kmeaw CFW 3.55! (Video)

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    The recent developments for restoring Linux on the PS3 are heating up and it seems we may have our very missed Linux support back on our PS3s. Kmeaw has released a video of linux running PS3 firmware 3.55, to quote via IRC:

    kmeaw: it is gentoo
    kmeaw: marcan’s rootfs
    stuntcock: does your linux install have access to gameos from within linux and also to all spus?
    kmeaw: no
    kmeaw: it doesn’t need usb stick
    kmeaw: linux has access to all spus
    kmeaw: gentoo is running from my laptop’s hdd
    kmeaw: but if you change your kernel parameters then you can install it on ps3?s hdd like marcan did
    Lush: is this a different approach than graf_chokolo?
    kmeaw: i don’t change VFLASH
    GraFfiX: kmeaw:does X launch?
    kmeaw: haven’t tried yet but I think of a reason why it shouldn’t
    kmeaw: Xfbdev will definitely work
    kmeaw: in this video ps3 boots gentoo from the network via nfs
    kmeaw: laptop’s harddrive partition is exported using nfs kernel server
    GraFfiX: is nfs efficient?
    GraFfiX: like speed-wise
    kmeaw: yes, i have a home NAS exported via nfs
    kmeaw: works faster for me than samba
    kmeaw: there are no full support for rsx yet
    kmeaw: s/are/is/
    GraFfiX: kmeaw:do you see any reason why xbmc would not run when we have full rsx?
    stuntcock: someone has to code a driver for the video
    stuntcock: right
    kmeaw: no
    kmeaw: when we have full rsx support in linux drivers, then everything should work
    Here's a video.

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    Why would you care?
    That cat, adds more awesomeness to the video.
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    Apr 19, 2010
    he released the .pkg to run AsbestOS no one have tested it yet though [​IMG]
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    very nice but how much can help homebrew? maybe have it autobooting and then run whatever u wish safely without worries... or more?