Link's Awakening DX thoughts/questions after beaten game recently (yesterday).

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    hi all,
    I have been playing link's awakening DX on 3ds VC for the last 4-5 days and beat it for the ?? time, yesterday.
    I have some questions after finishing it all the way through after some years now.

    im hyped for the 2019 switch remake.
    playing it all the way through got me in the mood for the game when it comes out in September :) .

    1) even after beating the game and getting the ending (I tired for the 000 death special/extra ending, but died 2, so np)
    and even after reading my histora book for more info on LA,

    im still puzzled about "whether what happened to link, what he experienced after he was hit by the raging storm/last lighting bolt/strike!"
    I mean he was heading back to hyrule after oracle games as hystoria says, but when he got hit by the storm,
    did he actually end up on an unknown island (Koholint) or was it in his mind?

    im having trouble trying to understand wither Koholint is real or link just swallowed some weird red/green/blue magic potion or green magic meter powder?
    and what he experienced isn't real, but only in his mind, that's why when he woke up it wasn't there?

    but the wind fish said that he could remember it (someday) in his memory, so it was real?

    alot of the characters of kohlint are similar to others that link's mind made up subconsciously or unsub from his previous adventures? ALTTP/OS/OA ,(link of era light/dark).

    things I found interesting in my play through of LA DX:

    2) shame that the 'camera shop" won't be in the switch remake, it was fun to see the rat photographer run around kohlint and take specific pics of link's adventures,
    I got almost all of them (expect one).

    if you steal once from the tool shop, but don't go back even once after (I did this),
    you are still called THEIF for the rest of the game, lol.

    hope this remains in the remake, it's quite funny.

    3) having played LA DX recently, I generally found it rather easy, and got through it in a matter of days, some of the bosses were cheese easy, and getting the L-2 sword was easy,
    in one day I did 3 Dungeons and got somethings out of sequence (the game was way easy to do).
    in some parts, others I got stuck for a while (eg, L7 eagle's tower).

    4) generally I enjoyed playing this again, and hope that the remake has all or most of the stuff that DX had and all the weird/funny stuff :)

    5) does having 0 deaths affect the endings in other Zelda games? or only in LA?

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    Actually, Link ended inside of the Wind Fish's Dream.

    In this story, the dream was materialized in the form of an inhabited island. It is implied in the game that somehow, the Wind Fish has the ability to materialize it's dreams in the real world unconsciously, meaning that Link experienced everything as if it were real.

    The key to understand this is to replay the game and read all of the owl's lines/overworld statues in the game with the story ending knowledge in mind, they always gave clues about how everything was a dream all along way before you get to the Face shrine.
    Another of the main things happening are precisely the Nightmares: beings that can only exist because of the Wind Fish being asleep, and them are fully aware of this, hence why they are in your way trying to stop you to reach the Egg where, supposedly, the Wind Fish wake self is trapped.
    Also, keep in mind that everything you see, is indeed being watched by the Wind Fish as well, after all, this is his own dream.
    It's complicated, but something amazing this game does without implying it is that the player, the one taking control of link, is the wind fish itself: how we watch every event in the game, is how the wind fish see them as well, meaning that is not trapped inside the egg, it is actually watching everything, but because it is a dream, it has not full control of its actions neither can recall his memories when he is awake. Take Tarin's raccoon form as an example, is implied that Tarin is sleep during that form, so he acts like he doesn't know he is actually a human instead of a raccoon.

    That's why link is so important in the storyline, is the self that is aware of the real world and the dangers the Wind Fish is upon to.

    I have a theory behind this:

    Chronologically speaking, it could be true that some of Link's memories got mixed with the wind fish dreams, ending with characters similar to the ones we met in the Oracle games, being represented as all the human-like characters from the game. This leaves us with the animal-like characters from Animal village, so those represent the wind-fish memories along with the nightmares and monsters.

    The THIEF Easter Egg is likely to remain, it represents a secret in the original and, you know, Zelda is best known for being a game full of secrets. For the camera mouse, maybe something similar will remain in the remake, but let's not hope for the same thing. A conversion of that to cutscenes is my main bet.

    It's designed as a game to play on-the-go after all. Actually, every Nintendo gameboy game designed before this, was made with simplicity and fun in mind (See SML1), that's the reason why, personally, I felt this as a in-between level of difficulty. Later on, we got more mature game mechanics in the oracle games, SML2 and even Pokémon games, this making handheld gaming to evolve into fully fledged games.

    If you watch the Nintendo Treehouse gameplays from this year E3, you'll see that it keeps many aspects introduced in DX, like the power shards and the defense acorn, along with the color dungeon.

    I don't remember clearly, I haven't re-played many titles in a long time, but if I'm not wrong, I remember that from the first game until Majora's Mask, are the only ones rewarding you for zero deaths.

    Well, I hope my explanation is clear, but take this more as my point of view, because this is pure assumption based on how I experienced the game and the story, because as I said, many of this facts are implied but not confirmed during the game, as it has been with many other titles in the franchise. Is up to each player to have it's own interpretation of the events occurring in each one, and that's the magic from the Zelda franchise itself, I hope that the remakes expand upon this a little further and maybe try to connect events or references between games deeply.
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    Jul 3, 2019
    wow i am very excited for this game.
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    hay Darth! thanx for the info, I see. makes sense, it's a great game tho, the story is awesome tho.
    a bit complicated, but now I understand it. thanx for the info :)

    yeah, same! im thinking of getting the amiibo along with the base game, and maybe if I can find get the Europe limited edition too (if possible).
    can't wait to play it on switch!
  5. Retro_Mod_Gamer

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    Nov 3, 2015
    This was my favourite GameBoy game as a kid, played it endlessly, even discovered a very useful glitch that could be accessed when being knocked off in the first dungeon.
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