Linked Accounts / when and how to create for a CfW?

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    We already saw some games forcing a linked account like Pianista ( i expect to have more stuff like this in the future, forcing one to have a linked account

    With a new switch what is the best way to proceed here?

    So far, the procedure on a new switch for me was
    - using choidujournx ( to install a new firmware without burning fuses,
    - and using the choidujournx checkbox "System initalize" (full factory reset)
    - then going into RCM and using the cfw with a local account
    - thus i never gone with my switch online and never had a linked account, only a local one

    At which point (and without updating the firmware with burning fuses) can i create a linked Account when planing to use a CfW? whats the best practice here for a new switch console?

    thx in advance
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    I got my Switch about 10 to 15 days ago. Had taken backup, etc, and had updated to 5.1.0 via ChoiDujourNX and was about to play my first game yesterday, when my friend pointed out this linked Nintendo account thing. Apparently, he wanted to check his play times but couldn't do it since he hadn't linked a Nintendo account. I looked into this and realized what you've mentioned above and that I would have to format and flash everything and go online to link an account.

    After doing a lot of research and asking questions here on the forums, I finally did it. Linked a Nintendo account last night. Will start playing properly from today. Here's what needs to be done...

    1. Flash virgin nand (mine was 4.1.0).
    2. Go online, update to latest (6.1.0) without burning efuses using this guide.
    3. Boot into Hekate, enable AutoRCM, and then boot into stock firmware (still without burning efuses).
    4. Went online and linked my Nintendo account.
    5. Went offline. Now Switch is offline (forever).
    6. Updated ReiNX to latest (1.7.1) and booted.
    7. Reinstalled all the games and updates.
    8. PROFIT!

    Lemme know if you have any questions :)
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    Note that booting modded OFW like this can still result in a ban.