Limited Run Games E3 2019 announcement roundup

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Chary, Jun 10, 2019.

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    Limited Run were the good guys in that situation. You’re thinking of Badland, which is now defunct.
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    You do know that the reason it took forever to get the Wii U copies out (and who ran away with the money) was all the fault of BadLand Publishing, right? This news was even posted on GBATemp a couple of months ago.

    Edit: Didn't notice someone already answered you on that. Ninja'd. :ph34r:
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    Living life on the edge, I see. /s ;)

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    Yeah, his posts were kind of...Alex Jones-ish in the Shenmue III thread? If he's drinking because of that, I'd totally understand. While I'm not really a large fan of Shenmue, to see such a long awaited game get shafted because of Deep Silver (who also got involved with Mighty No. 9. Seeing a trend yet? It's a good thing the stained blood hasn't been contaminated by these guys) would be like if Valve (by some miracle from out of nowhere) got bought out by, say, EA or Activision because they just love to piss on anyone who loves the gaming the way it used to be and their preferences in spending while Valve was finally making Half Life 3 and they weren't just leaving random references to vague files in code everywhere or making subtle statements about things that everyone latches onto as proof and hope that they're doing something. Thankfully, Half-Life doesn't have the same corny reputation that Shenmue has, and if Valve was making a new Half-Life game (which I think they should, and maybe make it a Linux timed exclusive to maybe coax people into trying it out and getting other corporations' fingers out of our computers if we want? I love capitalism, don't get me wrong, but the only thing that has kept me from trying Linux before Proton was its terrible support for gaming for anything that wasn't an emulator or made past 2004, and I'm sure I'm being generous with that timeframe. Now, I only have myself to blame for not trying it out), they wouldn't have to rely on Kickstarter because some old American investors who have so much money in stocks and investments that if they were to sell it all, they really wouldn't have much of anything to risk at all in any shape or form financially.
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    I don't like physical releases of digital games, but Limited Run did deserved a good job in doing their E3 conference.
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    You're against physical releases of digital-only games? So you'd be against Scott Pilgrim vs. The World having had a physical release back in the day? The Marvel vs. HD re-releases on PS3/XBLA? Or the various Sega games that used licensed music for whatever reason and couldn't get an update to patch the music out?