Limitations of PSP-3000 CFW?

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    I'm looking to get a PSP and have read the 1000/2000 model is the best for CFW. I kinda want the bright screen of the 3000, but I can't seem to find the exact limitations of CFW on a PSP 3000. Are they a pain to hack? I believe you can hack the 1000/2000 series with nothing but a stock system and a memory stick.
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    All 1000s and early 2000s support CIPL, that in turn means unsigned bootloaders, which mean "real" permanent CFWs and the ability to unbrick with a Pandora battery + Magic Memory Stick*

    Late 2000s, all 3000s/N1000s [Go]/E1000s [Street] don't have that, but if they support 6.39 (which all 2000s/3000s/N1000s and no E1000s do), then they can use Infinity, which is a hybrid of 6.39 and 6.61 - a vulnerability in 6.39 is used as entrypoint, giving a mostly-permanent CFW with reduced but better-than-zero brick recovery options (ie as long as some system files are not corrupted);

    In all cases you will need the console, charger, memory stick (not required on the N1000), memory stick reader (like the console itself with an appropriate usb cable) and some files :)

    * contrary to common simplification, the Pandora battery works on any 1000/2000/3000... but the Magic Memory Stick would require a signed bootloader on "non-pandora" (actually non-CIPL) consoles, which would mean the official Sony recovery one which has DRM tying it to the memory stick's serial number, which is a huge extravaganza to deal with!
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    Keep in mind that the displays on these devices have not aged well, especially the 1000/2000 PSP's. Ghosting is a very real, very obvious problem. These were the limits of the tech back then.

    If it were me, I would go for a 3000. They updated the displays in those so there is way less ghosting. That being said, the newer displays use RGB subpixels that are stacked vertically instead of horizontally, so you will notice an effect similar to scanlines.

    Trust me, though - the displays on those early models are a smear-fest. Would much rather have scanlines than that.
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    I don't know about the E1000 (PSP Street), but the other models including the go definately allow full hacking with just the stock system, and a memory card, or internal memory with a PSP Go.

    The hack is just copying the files to the memory card/internal memory and then running the program that appears just like a normal PSP game. If you don't have a cold boot CFW, to rehack after completely powering down/rebooting just involves running the reloader which also appears as a game, which takes all of five seconds and is self contained and doesn't networking access or anything else.

    There might be some really old homebrew that needs 1.5 to run, but I'd wager anything you want to do can with done with the latest CFW. So cold booting CFW is really the only difference. And while I don't always play on my PSP, when I do it's on my Go.
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    psp 3004? is it hackable with infinity.. or do i just use the soft mode