Life Sucks Thread

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    Welcome to the "Life Sucks" thread I created this thread so that tempers can let loose the steam of the day and talk about what's getting him or her down. Remember, this is a thread for us to act as a community and cheer each other up. Some might be mean and call it a pity party but lets face it, it's a lovely thing to know that someone out there cares about you in some way. So lay your burdens on me and me to you and lets cheer each other up today [​IMG]

    My day... Sucked horribly. I quit a job that wasn't really a job and the girl I'm talking to was being a total meanie today. Its already bad enough that the "job" I was going to was on the other side of town but it was all under the table work... Basically, try to repair a game console and hopefully make money on commission. Total bull if you ask me, I even gave back the pink and black DS I was working on for myself because just like with all the other repairs, the place didnt have the needed parts *rolls eyes*. On the girl troubles side of things. The person i'm talking to was all fustrated because i supposedly dissed her passion in life. In honesty, the words I said came out wrong because I was in a rush to catch a bus then later that day she totally disses my passion which is Nintendo. Just to give you some reference of how much it is my passion i used to take 2 busses and a 30 minute walk to get to college to earn my IT degree. So after the passion crushing, later that day she acts as if she's depressed because she's so busy and that nobody is supporting her. Hell! I've been trying to emotionally support her the whole freaking time... Frankly I'm getting tired of flaky chicks. and the whole thing with her being busy is her fault. Nobody said she HAD to go tanning or working out! that stuff can be skipped, ESPECIALLY when you're talking to someone who isn't picky about weight. *sigh* That's my day... Anybody else here had a bad day?