Licks Media Player alpha 4

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    Licks Media Player alpha 4

    Nearly most popular formats now supported.

    Developer Lucas who happened to revive discontinued homebrew project LMP, initially coded by Lick, rolls yet another update to said media player which goes now version Alpha 4. This update brings a bunch of new features:

    [​IMG] Lick's Media Player Alpha 4

    [​IMG] Lick's Media Player Alpha 4 (DS GBA)

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    Hot damn a FLAC player, if the space was not tight enough already this just sealed the deal.

    Edit for anyone that wonders FLAC is an acronym of free lossless audio codec and is well a lossless audio codec (I.E. you should not be able to tell the difference from the source unlike nearly everything else).
    FLAC homepage (with a whole bunch of FLAC releated links):

    Between this and moonshells AAC support I have pretty much got it sorted portable media wise now.
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    but you wouldn't really be able to get anything out of that extremely high-quality FLAC file since the NDS's mini-stereo audio-output jack only supports 112kbit. just being picky. [​IMG]