LG Thrill 4G vs Motorola Atrix

Discussion in 'Android' started by Rock Raiyu, Jul 25, 2011.

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    In about a week, I'm do for a cell phone upgrade, though I won't be able to get my phone till about the 10th or so. I was thinking about upgrading to the LG Thrill 4G, which was recently priced at $99 for a 3D phone. But there seems to be a lot of hate for this phone, namely because it's a 'heavy brick' and that the 3D kills the battery life or something. It was either this phone or the Motorola Atrix, and the Thrill seemed like the better deal but now I'm not so sure.

    I'm having a difficult time deciding which one I should purchase in the coming weeks. So should I just buy the Thrill? Or should I go with the Atrix?
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    I've never really been a fan of LG.

    If you are waiting for August, why not grab a Samsung Galaxy S 2?
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    cuz none of the galaxy S II phones are out yet, and the August release was just a general statement by the Samsung folks, no official announcements of carries or their versions of the S II

    assuming you're on AT&T, I'd recommend either the Atrix 4g, Infuse 4g, or the Nexus S, however if you can wait a bit more (about a month probably), their version of the Galaxy S II should be coming out, and that WILL be the phone to beat

    also, don't bother with the laptop dock for the atrix it's garbage, the only one that should be considered is the media dock (hook up to a tv for watching media)