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    I recently got and L7 and i saw that it will be updated to Jelly Bean. But i tried searching when and i found nothing. Do you know when it will be released? Also please keep in mind that i live in Greece.
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    still don't know why it takes so long for a device to receive an official update. I'd love to get a new phone, but I know how slow they can be with updates so I'm waiting on a 4 or 8 core to be released with Android 5.0 so I don't have to wait for the next update on my crappy jellybean
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    It looks like 4.1.2 is out in Greece for unlocked phones at least, is yours purchased through a carrier? If so then its up to the carrier to approve the update.

    If your phone was purchased unlocked, does the update show up in the LG mobile support tool when you connect the phone to PC?
    OTA updates will only be delivered automatically if your carrier has approved the ROM, if the phone is unlocked the LG tool should see the update regardless of your carrier though.

    If the phone is locked to your carrier and they haven't approved the update, you need to either wait for them to do so or root the phone and update it yourself.
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    After the last LG Android phone my girlfriend had she was like... Never LG again.

    but that aside, this is exactly why I hate when Carriers are in control of Firmware updates (no doubt IF you get it they may lock some stuff or brand the FW up)

    That said you may be able to force load the new firmware (insert disclaimers about if your phone breaks ect ect here).

    That said I could go on a rant about Carrier Branding and Firmwares being withheld / gimped but ill save that for another topic
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    general steps for firmware releases

    google releases AOSP android firmware
    all aosp nexus devices receive this update (unless subsidized device)

    phone manufacturers get this aosp update and put their custom gui on it (samsung touchwiz, htc sense, ect...) along with their apps, bloatware, boot logos and test it for stability and fix any bugs
    this is released to all devices (unless subsidized)

    carriers get update modified by manufacturers and then add more bloatware apps and their own boot logo's, remove things they dont like and tweak things and then test for stability (expect to wait months and months)
    this is finally released to all subsidized devices

    subsidized devices will save you a ton of money (basically brings down a $700 phone down to $200 with a 2 year plan) but you give up any quick firmware updates
    but get the best of both worlds, flash a custom rom
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