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    LEDs is a new Homebrew from Bilou. The project is just starting out but aims to be a full on sprite editor for the DS. Follow the project via the link below.

    [​IMG] Project Post
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    a few corrections:
    This is the link towards the tool,
    Bilou is not a real person. That's the main character for the video game project that is my ultimate goal with those tools. It has starred in e.g. http://sylvainhb.blogspot.com/2010/11/download-appleassault-14.html] Apple Assault[/url].
    LEDS is not a sprite editor. Is not supposed to become one at any time. It's a level editor, where you use a tileset to design your level, tile by tile, and then place monster, bonus, and so on. There is a companion sprite editor to edit tilesets and monster graphics (and all other game graphics) on your DS as well, but that's SEDS and it has been around for a while.
    Together, and completed by runme (file transfer and game testing) and AnimEDS, they are the few stones of the http://sf.net/projects/dsgametools]dsgametools[/url], which ultimate goal is to allow you to do game development on your DS without any external use of a full-blown computer.

    /PypeBros, the author of the "Bilou's Homebrew Blog".
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