Level-5 Plans Two Versions of Inazuma Eleven 2

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    Inazuma Eleven 2 will be released as a dual SKU release, similar to Pokemon and most Mega Man releases.On October 1, buyers of the soccer RPG sequel will be able to choose from Fire and Blizzard versions. Each carries the same ¥4,980 price point.



    The differences between Fire and Blizzard center on the rival team that main character Endo and his team face off against. In Fire, the rival is team is named Prominence. in Blizard, it's Diamond Dust.

    The two versions will also feature a few unique special skills and characters.

    Regardless of the version, it appears that Level-5 has cooked up a massive amount of content for the followup to last year's eventual smash. Players can build up their team from over 1,500 characters, including newcomers from the hit Inazuma eleven anime.

    Level-5 has also strengthened the game's wireless play, which now offers four player support. The game can be played two on two, one on three, or four against the CPU.


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    That's a bad idea. I hate how you can't have 100% with these types. Like for pokemon, you have to trade with other versions to get them all and such. Or you need to link up with other versions to get key items. I remembered playing DQM Coby ver or w/e it was, and i needed a key by linking to the other. But noone i know had the other version .
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    it's still pretty annoying cuz there isn't an english release but looks nice to see diverse games mostly