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    Are game titles translated in your country?
    How do you feel about names of titles being translated?
    Give examples of actual translations or made up translations.

    In Germany most titles keep their English name. For some reason, German titles sound weird to me (not sure why, maybe worth exploring). Some time ago the Sonic games got German titles. There are a few other examples. They are usually targeted at young demographics.

    Actual translations:
    Sonic and the secret rings: Sonic und die geheimen Ringe
    Professor Layton And The Spectre's Call: Professor Layton und der Ruf des Phantoms

    Made-up translations:
    Super Street Fighter 2: Super Straßenkämpfer 2
    Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare: Die Pflicht ruft 4: Moderne Kriegsführung
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    Hardly any titles are translated in Belgium. It's similar with movies, really : the only ones being dubbed /translated are those aimed at those too young to read subtitles.

    Translating games is indeed weird because buzz words often don't exist or don't have a literal translation. "call of duty" is a good example. 'de plicht roept' (literal translation) isn't bad, but it's hardly ever used. The patriotist connotation simply isn't there in Dutch (can't say this about German, though).

    As a result, translations are inadvertently funny.

    Some more translations (though the joke will probably fall flat for non dutchies)

    Onderverhaal (undertale)
    Oorlogsgod (god of war)
    Gestrande dood (death stranded)
    De duivel mag huilen (devil may cry)
    Vlecht (braid)
    Supervlees jongen (super meat boy)
    Halveringstijd (half life)
    Mijnambacht (minecraft)
    Adem van het wild (breath of the wild)
    Grootschalige auto diefstal (grand theft auto)
    Onwerkelijk (unreal)
    Sterambacht (starcraft)
    Resident kwaad (resident evil)
    Dodelijk gevecht (mortal kombat)
    Rode dood verlossing (red dead redemption)
    Laatste fantasie (final fantasy)

    ... I could go on. :P

    Somewhat off-topic: in the board game world, things are different. Publishers often differ between countries, regions and /or language regions. This means that not just the components are translated, but often the title and sometimes even the artwork. Just a few days agi I was searching for a Dutch edition of a board game with the (only recently released in English) odd name 'the city'. It took me a while, but the game was translated as 'metropolis' in Dutch for some reason (which is extra confusing because there are already two board games called metropolis)

    EDIT: gotta say...I kind of like the name 'Super Straßenkämpfer 2'. Much better than 'super straatvechter 2' :P
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    I'd say the majority of movies receive a German title (even 007 Quantum of Solace). Surprised to hear that about Belgium.
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