Let's hear your opinions on a good team in Platinium.

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  1. luneth22

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    Mar 19, 2009
    All right, if you had read my previous post about your best team, and saw my bro's bad team* i decided that i wanna hear your opinions for a good team in Platinium, since competition is really darn fierce now.

    (* [​IMG] the one with Lucario, empoleon, pikachu, staraptor, arceus, and blaziken)
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    Sep 13, 2008
    For me,IMO,I don't use ubers(legends),though here are some things to consider:

    1.Have a variety of types,in Pokemon,as well as moves,you see,at the starting point of the game,no done w/ poke league,your Pokemon are "OK"but after,it seems harder,with different regions(Kanto,Johto,Hoenn)so keep catching lots
    2.The hardest for me to find "a perfect water Pokemon"as they all stink,I usually get a legend here,but I find Vaporeon to be handy
    3.Grass types aren't really that useful for me.They seem kinda weak,so I never have them,which whats leads us back to one
    Using a normal type(Slaking/Vigoroth)that can use different types of attacks will be useful
    4.EV's,Effort Values,are pretty useful,in fact,a lot useful,I didn't know this at first,my friend was talking about "EV's"I taught was "Eevees"which was annoyingly weird haha,these are hidden values that make your Pokemon damn strong,say your making a fast Pokemon,say,Linoon or Staraptor or else,making it's speed a primary advantage,you want it to become faster?So you battle something fast,hmmm,something like a Zubat,or even Crobat,after you defeat it,you gain more EV points of speed,every battle with a Zubat say earns 1 EV for speed,after battling 4 Zubats,your IV(individual value(Att,Def,Speed,HP,etc) of speed will gain 1 point,every 4 EV points of adds 1 IV point depending on which one you train on.More battles more EV more IV
    5.Your last thread had the guy making a summary of your "bro's"Pokemon,saying it has bad attacks,it's true,for Empoleon,have only at least 2 or less water attacks,as it specializes in water,and making its other 2(or 1)attacks to beat it's weakness,mainly(if only a water type)a grass or lightning right?So you have to fight against it,say Earthquake or a fire attack or something else,depends on you to beat your opponent,always be ready for different types of Pokemon facing your Pokemon
    6.Go to Serebii.net and learn some stuff I didn't mention,it all depends on you,there is never a "best team"as the other guy said(sorry forgot your name,peace)and really depends on EV and moves of your Pokemon to win.

    Well that's it [​IMG] Good luck