Let me share a story with you..

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Chemical_Warfare, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Chemical_Warfare

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    Oct 25, 2008
    So while im a noob here.. im not really noob to the homebrew/hacking scene. I can't program, but i can follow simple instructions and decipher an error msg in most cases.

    No im not a little kid, im 28 years old.

    I bought my wii, because i like the idea of the control system - to me it's much more "involved" which is what ive been after. I have a quad-core gaming pc for my "high-end" gaming needs.

    The wii is all awesome and dandy, and then i come across the TP hack and the homebrew scene...
    "woah, its the ps2 all over again, awesome!"

    i've been lurking the forums since 0.1 leaked, registered somewhere around 0.3. Never felt a need to post much, because thanks to people like djtaz, noobwarrior and so many others, questions are handled all the effin' time on a retarded basis. I've seen the same question pop up 5 times in 2 pages of thread, and answered twice in those same two pages. I'm not your typical noob - im not stupid.

    I've run 0.1-0.3 without problem throughout the many many channels, dol's, hook changes, video mode forces, updates to "essential" homebrew software, and guys i gotta tell ya, its been a dizzying ride.

    I read as much as i can, because i dont wanna be the 50,000th prizewinner for asking the same retarded question. So i read, i read and i read more.

    Everything has worked great for me.

    I tried softchip, and for some fucked up reason, it just would not work for me. i finally got r42 working. (not as well as 0.3b tho, it was really fussy.)

    Then here comes gamma.

    I was on shortly after release, and the flood of variations were immediately overwhelming. Different graphics, sounds, various boot features and whatnot were almost immediately released by 3 or 4 other people, all who worked hard on what they do - dont get me wrong im not taking away from it.

    In the beginning i could not get the disc channel to show my discs, then i finally found one that worked, egads! AWESOME!

    So after realizing this is a 1:1 copy, i think to myself, well hey, ive dumped every game i own, let's go through and see what's 1:1!

    So after testing all 25 games i backed up... i have 3 i burned 1:1. - It seems the easiest and best way to go. Yet i somehow felt the need to burn all the others patched "just in case". FUCK!

    Lame. I burned 'em thinkin patching would be around for quite a bit.

    So now im sittin here with 20 coasters (as i see it, with the way i have things currently configured).

    i saw all the awesome packages you guys have combined, and myself, im a bit of a purist. I hate anything extra added on to a simple task. So i took the liberty of fuckin around your releases a bit, and went for a very minimalistic approach. Feel free to add it to any thread, or toss it around however as you please, this really isnt my work - you guys know who to thank.

    I have done my best to make sure newet versions of everything is where it should be. Didnt keep many of the dol's since people are fans of channels (i am).

    I've got an NTSC wii, and i only burn NTSC discs. Beyond this, i dont know how well this package works, but it works great for me on 3.3v2.
    This package contains channels for the menu patcher lite channel, 0.3 gamma autoloader,and mplayer wii. Dol's included are cios rev7, wad manager 1.3, homebrew broswer, disc dumper and any title deleter. If there's anything i forgot, fuck you, im just trying to give an idea of what's in the package. This seems to be a bit more streamlined from the typical packages.

    Keep in mind please there is no coding done by me. I sorted thru everything i could get my hands on to get the simplest package. please feel free to add or bitch about anything you like, i dont really give a shit - but this is my contribution to you guys, since i dont have much else...

    well, a firstborn - but yeah im keepin that.

    its now 5am and ive gotta get some sleep. just wanted to say thanks, in my own special way [​IMG]

    so what im tryin to say is cheers - this is one hell of a community, and im glad to be here.


    If another uploading method is preferred, let me know.

    Cheers and keep up the ridiculously awesome work.

    \m/ Chem \m/

    -This was actually meant to bring a grin and giggle to people, who have undoubtedly been through the same harrowing shyte when a big release like beta or gamma hit. And to make a bunch of people lives easier. I give a similar pack to my friends who wish to mod their wii. This is just an "upgraded" version.
  2. kashin

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    Oct 19, 2008
    lolz, patching just in case huh? It was already announced that support for patched games would be dropped.
    I appreciate your contribution! I'm sure people will find it helpful.
  3. Chemical_Warfare

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    Oct 25, 2008
    yeah i dunno wtf i was thinkin.
  4. RickBruiser

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    Jul 23, 2008
    .... chemical18? is that you?
  5. Chemical_Warfare

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    Oct 25, 2008
    no sir, sure isnt