Leon's Ultimate FireRed ROMbase Unofficial Expansion Project

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    Sep 3, 2018
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    Hi all. If you don't know what Leon's Ultimate FireRed ROM Base is, look it up on PokeCommunity or the Silph Co. forum.
    Basically, I want to improve on it so that it contains more features. So far I've brainstormed a few with YoY, bluhacks, and Harlee Quinn:
    -More TMs
    -Expanded Pokemon
    -More moves
    -Animated Pokemon sprites
    -Expanded items
    -Expanded music tracks
    -Expanded move tutor moves
    -New items
    -HGSS sprites
    -New abilities?
    -New evolution methods?
    -Toggleable Gen VI Exp Share item
    -Ability Capsule
    -EV IV Checker
    -Focus Sash
    All of these will be individual patches in addition to the one big fish that is the entire project all in one. That way anyone can apply whatever patch they want to. If you want to help out (and I'd really appreciate it if you did), ask for a link to the Discord.
    The partial extended Pokemon patch is attached.

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