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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by 1ronlung, Jul 29, 2009.

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    OK.. Had a problem recently with DVD reading degregation. I have a Wii about 6 months old with D2Pro modchip.

    First my dual layer SSBS refused to be acknowledged as valid disk by the Wii.
    Shortly after my DVD+R backups were refused and finally DVD-R.

    I had to send off my previous wii for repair with the same issues a few months before gettting my current replacement. When speaking to the repair crowd, the first thing they asked was if I smoked. Apparently, there was a build up of nicotine on the lens.

    Anyway, I figured this was prolly the cause this time, also.

    As an intermediary, I'd been using my USB drive, but I did want to get DVDs sorted again.
    Bought a standard DVD cleaner from my local shop.. Left it in the Wii, so it got a spin every time it booted. Also, tried swapping an original with the cleaner while game was playing, in order to force it to have a sustained spin.

    Long story short - made feck all difference.

    Noticed the official Nintendo Wii lens cleaner on the net. Read a couple of reviews on amazon and noticed they were glowing.
    So, it was off to ebay, and a tidy investment of EUR8.00 (inc European shipping from UK) for the official cleaner.

    Really wasn't impressed when I received it. It's not even a DVD/Wii disk. Just a piece of plastic shaped in a circle with a pad to put liquid on. Doesn't spin - you have to manually move it up and down 20 times to clean.

    I have to say, though. The results were spectacular. After using just once, there was an extremely noticable brown stain on the cleaning pad. Threw my disks in and all worked first time.

    So, in short, an essential purchase if you use your Wii in a smokey or dusty environment.
    (I could have just posted that sentance, really. Oh well......)

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    Oh wow. I never really thought lens cleaners did much. I was told that they can even do harm do sensitive drives (and as we all know, the Wii's DVD drive is like a mofo when it comes to dust. One speck and you get a damned DRE).

    I got to try this though since I have been getting problems with SSBB (which is a Dual-Layer).

    Thanks for the tip. I don't smoke but I'm sure it helps for all dust or gunk related problems. I'll test it out!

    However, when I read about the plastic disc you have to move around manually, I lol'd; but hey, whatever fucking works right? [​IMG].