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    Apr 19, 2007
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    I failed to manage to register on the MrDictionary.Net forum so I am posting here to attempt to help others that may have problems with Lemmings 7.x and SuperCard SD [​IMG]

    If you get two white screens you need SC firmware 1.81 [​IMG]

    Unfortunately, if you have firmware 1.81 you need scsd_moon.dldi (not scsd.dldi) as your patch (i.e. the one marked "Alt" on the lemmings web site) [​IMG]

    Hope this helps [​IMG]
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    Apr 9, 2007
    i don't understand a thing your saying [​IMG]
    but i can't read the directory on my Supercard (runnin on 1.7 firmware)
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    Apr 19, 2007
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    If you go to the LemProject home page, there is in "Installation" link on the right hand side near the top of the page.

    On the installation page there is a "the tools on this page" link (step 3).

    On the DLDI page there are 2 entries under "SuperCard (SD Card)".

    I had to patch with the one from the "Alt" link to overcome the same problem.

    (However my first problem was that I was running Firmware 1.80, so had to upgrade to 1.81 to run any homebrew).

    I can confirm that with Firmware 1.81 and the game patched with "scsd_moon.dldi" it works perfectly.

    The way I found easiest to get the directory bits to work was :-
    1) Unzip version 7.01 or greater. You get folder "LemmingsDS" and file "lemmingsds_config.txt".
    2) Move file "lemmingsds_dldi.nds" from inside the folder up to the same level as the folder and the text file.
    3) Patch according to the guide
    4) Copy folder "LemmingsDS" and files "lemmingsds_dldi.nds" & "lemmingsds_config.txt" to the root of your SD card.

    Hope this is more clear.