Lego Star Wars.. way to tell good carts from bad?

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    My son got a DS for X-Mas with a bunch of games (Santa was generous). We got him Lego Star Wars since he's now a big fan of the Star Wars movies . So in goes the cartridge and in no less than 1/2 day he's frustrated to the point of giving up... ON THE DS!!!

    The glitches are well documented in this game so I won't go into it here... Apparently, Lucasarts released a new revision with SOME of the glitches fixed (talk about going over to the dark side... Lucas Empire). Now... Is there any way to tell the later revision cart from the "more" glitchy one?
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    I heard the Australian ones were good.
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    Usually cart revisions are marked on the actual game cart, there will be a 2 digit number pressed into the label and if it has a letter next to it then it's a revision, e.g. A = revision A, B = revision B etc... Presume this is the case with DS games. On NES, SNES, N64 games they were on the back sticker. On GBA games they were on the front sticker. Can't remember with the DS, if there's not a pressed number on the front sticker, then I'd guess they mark the revision on the printed number at the back, but have a look. =)