Lego RockBand Microphone

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  1. KuRensan

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    Apr 27, 2009
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    Yesterday I downloaded Lego rockband and today I put it on my USB stick
    And when I want to try singing (sounds fun ^^ ) it said "Can't find the ...... microphone"
    I'm using the microphone of Boogie Superstar (with EA microphone)
    I'm using NeoGamma Rev8, USB Mode

    another question: I just have 1 guitar to play so if my friend, brother or sister want to play together
    they only can sing (if microphone works) so how can you play without guitar and drum set

    Already Thanks
  2. Havok10

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    Aug 9, 2009
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    All USB Mics work in all games.

    You have to activate a Wiimote in order for the Microphone to work. Did you do that??

    Another thing is to load the game with Hermes IOS222/223 patch. It fixes USB instrument problems. The microphone has to go it in the top USB.

    You can play with as many or as few instruments as you want. If you just connect the Mic and 1 guitar thats all that is needed for the game. You can do the mic by itself or the guitar by itself. You dont need a "full" band.