Legit eshop titles removed after a9lh

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    Hello I'm experiencing a weird issue with my brothers 3ds. I installed a9lh on his n3ds using the famous tutorial by who's name is escaping me however after about a week after a successful install he told me all of his purchased titles disappeared from his home menu along with his shovel knight theme, but they are still installed according to the data manager in the system settings but greyed out with an x over them. My question is well I've never heard of this happening before is there an easy way to fix it or will I have to install each one again and restore the save? I checked and he is still signed into his nnid bit other than that I don't know what could make this happen also would restoring a nand backup maintain the saves and maybe fix it?
  2. lefthandsword

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    Apr 6, 2015
    Hong Kong
    Going into eshop again may restore them, this happened to me once after restoring a old dump after I bricked my 3DS. All titles installed after the dump had been made were greyed out, but as soon as I enter the shop all of my legit games reappeared on home screen .

    If that doesn't work, grab the cias for the 'missing' apps and try to install them in FBI, it should error out immediately and they should reappear once you exit, just note that newer versions of FBI may ask you if you want to overwrite the title, make sure you say no or it will nuke the game along /w its savedata and reinstall it from scratch.
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