Legit Celebi Wanted

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    If this is in the wrong forum area I appologize...noob to this forum...there are a lot of different branches so I got confused...I'm used to Wifi League [​IMG]

    For Shinies I have a mightyena, a spirittomb, and a mewtwo. They are all legit to my knowledge (the mightyena I caught and raised and the other two are from traders that are highly reputable) and are the only shinies I have.

    For legendaries, I'm really willing to trade whatever you ask...I have a Palkia, azelf, manaphy, phione (can breed more if needed), uxie, mespirit, rotom, cresselia, kyogre, and rayquaza.

    I also have some pretty decent normal pokemon like kirila. Just ask.

    I have no level 100s. Don't bother asking.

    I can also get you PKRUS. Make sure you request it.

    You can pick two pokemon if you want for the Celebi. Make sure you let me know if you want two. Bargaining is also allowed...feel free to ask for pokemon not listed as well.

    The legitamacy is very important...I will find out if it is hacked right away and the trade will be cancelled if it is. Do NOT even offer if you question the authenticity of your Celebi.

    Thank you!