Legend of Zelda sword.

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    Did you know: Link from the Legend of Zelda is left hands sword.
    Well, in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on wii as you play the hero of Link you controller Link in the right hand to swing.

    Reason it change, back in E3 game show (2006) many people was playing on their right hands to swing.

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    You just wanted to be first in this section of the forum didn't you? [​IMG]

    I'm a leftie and I've played Zelda TP [​IMG] Granted, I played it the right handed way, it still felt perfectly fine for me since I use my right hand for the mouse on the computer. The Nintendo rep on hand told me that you can easily play by holding the wiimote in your left hand as well, it shouldn't really matter.

    I played the sports games and wii play games with my left hand though, works fine.
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    You mean Link is right handed just like me? Sweet.
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    Yeah but too bad, this is the wrong section [​IMG]
    moving to Wii Games forum!

    this forum shall remain virgin until Wii launch!
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    Do you even know why Link is left handed?
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    I just thought I would mention, since they flipped link to be right handed in the wii version, not only did they flip the entire world (as we all know) but they had to flip the world.
    to avoid a few problems a right handed link would face in a world made for a left handed link, him lining up with doors when opening them, facing the right way in cutscenes, dungeon puzzles playing out properly, chances are no big problems wouldve happened, but I can guarantee they flipped the world just to avoid any chances of bugs.