Legend of Heroes Ao No Kiseki - are there any translation references?

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    I thought I would post this as an entirely new topic because LoH translation team are working on Zero no Kiseki? Am I right? I played the demo of the VITA/PS3 game after it and it was awesome, that's why I DLed on my Vita what I thought was Zero but I think now is Ao. IT'S ALL VERY CONFUSING! lol I like the fact that there's some cool guns in the RPG as I am a Valkyria Chronicles nut. Now what is the difference between Zero and Ao?? And I installed Ao because it's newer even though I don't know if the game systems are the same. But are there any guides like there is for Zero? And can somebody please explain why there are a million different Tails, Ys, etc games and why they are all linked and just give me some references about the series and maybe for this particular game and why or why not I should play Zero before this??
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    Actually, what are you playing right now is the sequel to Zero No Kiseki, part of the franchise Legend of Heroes. What i dont understand is, how in the world are you playing it? So far there is no English Translation done, not for Ao nor for Zero. Im assuming what you played was Zero No kiseki: Evolution which included Full Voice Acting, even so only Japan. Anyways Ao takes place right after Zero, so...yeah there is some sort of order, however you will be able to understand it as a standalone (dont take my word for it, its based on my exp. on Ys series and some Trails games).
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    The original trilogy. Originally released in Japanese for PC then ported to PSP/PS3. All of them were localized in Chinese for PC (The Chinese company Joyland also developed on their own PC versions in Chinese for Ys Seven and Ys Celceta - as well as a brand new spinoff on PC for the Trails series). All licensed by Xseed, one released, another announced for English release. No other European language localizations.
    Sora no Kiseki / Trails in the Sky: available in English (PC, PSP)
    Sora no Kiseki SC (Second Chapter): announced for a 2014/2015 English PSP/PC release.
    Sora no Kiseki 3rd: Xseed licensed it, no announcement.

    The following games were never licensed for Western release, and are sequels for the previous games. They were made originally for PSP, then got an enhanced Vita version. The Chinese company Joyland ported them to PC on their own (as opposed to the original trilogy being developed in-house by Falcom for PC). Falcom released a Japanese version of Zero no Kiseki PC that flopped hard - they announced they were dropping their future PC endeavors as a result.
    For what it's worth, Zero no Kiseki has an ongoing fan-translation effort.
    Zero no Kiseki
    Ao no Kiseki

    Another sequel series, for PS3 and Vita (no PC). Sony Asia is making an Asian version including Chinese and Korean localizations (the Japanese-language releases of the previous games were very popular in Korea):
    Sen no Kiseki
    Sen no Kiseki 2

    And there's the spin-offs. Won't be localized (pretty much confirmed since Xseed dropped PSP support, and Falcom has an exclusivity contract with them, and Xseed's ties with Vic Ireland -who's still looking into the platform- aren't the best due to a nasty incident involving a DS re-release of one of their localizations):
    Ys Vs. Sora no Kiseki
    Nayuta no Kiseki

    The Trails/Kiseki series are part of a larger series, The Legend of Heroes, that has been around since 1987. It was predated by the Gagharv trilogy which was indeed localized on PSP in English by Namco (with the order messed up :/ ). Sadly it doesn't even compare to the greatness of the Trails series, and to add insult to injuries has an awful translation.

    tl;dr: so, you have a series with 7 massive interconnected episodes, only the first was translated, and you jumped from episode 1 to episode 5 which you're playing untranslated? You can't really play through this series out of order.
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    has xseed already licensed trails 3rd? i never knew about that, i thought they wanted to wait how SC will sell.

    i have played up until now LoH VI - trails in the sky FC, LoH III - A Tear of Vermillion (or in us counting LoH I), LoH IV - Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch (or LoH II) and now i´m playing LoH V - Song of the Ocean.

    i enjoyed the psp ghargav trilogy so far and had a lot of fun with them, but it´s sad that the original falcom ghargav games for pc are just in japanese, i think i would have prefered them. after song of the ocean i´ll try dragon slayer: LoH I then i´ve got the english LoH games so far complete ^^ the west needs moooorrrree of them :/ it´s time for SC ! i don´t want to think about when (and if) we will see the other games :/