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    Region free by the looks of things but shockingly for a simulation game not Japan (at least according to ABGX).

    ZER0 with the their first release in a few months bring us a bike racing management game. Sports management games have been a staple for quite some time but bike racing is a fairly new one on us and they do seem to be charging full whack for it.

    Amazon description
    Choose your team, your cyclist, and throw yourself into the race! Manage your efforts during the stages in order to stay at the top of your form, work with your teammates, keep an eye on your reputation, and when necessary, build alliances with your opponents to win a stage or climb the overall leaderboard.

    Key Features:

    ENJOY THE TOUR DE FRANCE EXPERIENCE:Follow the official course of the faithfully reproduced 21 stages of this year’s Tour de France. Pick your rider from the official teams including Team Sky, the first British Team to enter the Tour!

    PUSH YOUR RACING SKILLS TO THE LIMIT: From the standpoint of your rider, choose your trajectories, manage your form, give orders to your team and maintain your reputation and relationships in the pack to win the Tour! Set yourself a variety of objectives such as winning the Tour’s most prestigious stages, obtaining one of the jerseys or the ultimate challenge: winning the Tour de France itself!

    DEFEAT THE AI: Use your wits to defeat a smart AI that reacts to all your moves: breakaways, relays, counter-attacks and even alliance proposals...

    <b>Video</b> A teaser.

    <img src="http://pix.gbatemp.net/32303/Le_Tour_de_France_2011_XBOX360-ZER0.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />