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Oct 15, 2021
''Layton-kyouju to Akuma no Hako EXHD for Smartphone''
The original release from Professor Layton Pandoras Box was on the Nintendo NDS in 2007 and was later released for Apple iOS and google-Android in the year 2018 in HD.

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Layton Lost Future HD ANDROID PORT Vita v.1.0 - Rinnegatamante

Release Name:
Professor Layton Pandoras Box HD Vita v.1.0

Author: Rinnegatamante

This is a wrapper/port of Professor Layton: Pandora's Box HD for the PS Vita. The port works by loading the official Android ARMv7 executable in memory, resolving its imports with native functions and patching it in order to properly run. By doing so, it's basically as if we emulate a minimalist Android environment in which we run natively the executable as is.

- libshacccg.suprx
- Game Data Files: Android v.1.0.1 / apk + obb file
(other versions are not tested so far)

First Release: v.1.0


- This port works only with versions of the game where an obb file was still used.
- It has been tested with v.1.0.1.
Known Issues:
- Post puzzle solution animation is a bit slow. (Likely cause of I/O overhead)
- Sometimes videos don't play although you are still able to skip them in order to progress the game. (sceAvPlayer qwirk).

Setup Instructions Game Data:
- Obtain your copy of Professor Layton Pandoras Box HD legally for Android in form of an .apk file and an obb.
- Open the apk with your zip explorer and extract the file from the lib/armeabi-v7a folder to ux0:data/layton_pandora.
- Extract the folder assets inside ux0:data/layton_pandora.
- Extract the obb file in ux0:data/layton_pandora/data and rename the file main.obb.
- install vpk

Install Instructions kubridge, FdFix and libshacccg:
- copying kubridge.skprx and fd_fix.skprx to your taiHEN plugins folder (usually ux0:tai) and adding two entries to your config.txt under *KERNEL:
(!) Note Don't install fd_fix.skprx if you're using rePatch plugin.
- Install libshacccg.suprx

Optional Overclock Install:
- PSVshell to overclock your device to 500Mhz.

TheFloW for the original .so loader.
CatoTheYounger for testing the homebrew and providing screenshots.
YogaBudiW for the Livearea assets.

Thank you Rinnegatamante !

Test :
PSTV 3.65 + 32GB Sony Card + fd_fix + PS3 Controller (NO Overclock tools used, NO autoplugin or what ever used)
Compile myself = YES
Version = Layton Pandoras Box HD v1.0.1 APK plus Data (version include obb file)
File Size = ~980MB
Result = WORKING (tested 30 minutes, mostly perfect)
Multilanguage = NO, English only
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