Layton and Ace Attorney Team Up on 3DS

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    Layton and Ace Attorney Team Up on 3DS
    Capcom and Level-5 team up for an unexpected crossover.
    Two of Japan's biggest franchises are teaming up. Capcom and Level-5 are combining forces for the true ultimate crossover: Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney! And it's coming to 3DS.

    Announced at today's Level-5 Vision press conference in Tokyo, Professor Layton vs As Attorney puts Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright in a mysterious new world where peculiar things are happening. A villain named Story Teller writes the future of the world with his pen. Meanwhile, witches live in the shadows. Perhaps they're scared of the game's key word: "Witch Trials."

    Phoenix Wright will have his services sought out by a girl who's suspected of witchcraft. Layton will find himself battling some all new puzzles.

    How this will all blend together is a mystery at this point, but with Ace Attorney designer Shu Takumi heading up the new game's scenario, we can't wait to play it!

    No release date was announced at the press conference, but Level-5, who will be publishing in Japan, did share some artwork.


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    Old news is old...
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    I thought this was revealed some time ago, no?
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    This has been around for months.

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