Hacking Launched Failed from SD Card with VC/Wiiware Help needed


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Sep 27, 2010
United States
Hello fellow gamers. I have soft modded my Wii 4.3U and trying to find a solution to the Launched Failed on some VC/WiiWare games. I have only one unofficial VC game that will load from the SD card while some others will not load. Why is this? I do own about 10 games that have no problems loading off card. I read is some other post that System menu 4.2 with a patched IOS53 and IOS55 fixed this problem? I have also read to use Dop-Mii and say yes to all the patches to these IOS. 4.3U uses IOS80 which at this time can not be patched. IOS70 can though. Then I read a post saying to install IOS70-64-v6687[TB+ES_diV+NAND].wad and the games will load off SD card with no problems.

What app can I used to install the patched IOS70-64-v6687[TB+ES_diV+NAND].wad the right way? Also is this patch working on a 4.3U? If so what steps did you take to get everything up and running? I'm trying to save block space on my console and this would help save a lot of space. I'm at this point of giving up but hope someone could help me out here. If you can thank you!


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