Latest ONM Scores - GTA, Madworld, Henry Hatsworth, PES 2009

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    From GoNintendo:

    GTA Chinatown Wars: 94%
    + Enormous game map
    + Fantastic visuals
    + Classic GTA gameplay
    + Quality multiplayer modes
    - Dangerously additive

    Madworld: 85%
    + Top-notch presentation
    + All-out arcade action
    + Laugh out loud funny
    + Fantastic character design
    - Gets repetitive quickly

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2009: 93%
    + Defensive controls are fixed!
    + Classic controller support
    + Master leagure inluded
    + Improved champions road
    - Not enough licensed teams

    Sonic & The Black Knight: 78%
    + Graphics are fantastic
    + Non-sword controls are great
    + Excellent soundtrack
    - Sword combat is horrible
    - Multiplayer is weak

    Don King’s Boxing: 85%
    + Control system works great
    + Fun Balance Board support
    + Enjoyable mini-games
    + Great in multiplayer
    - Basic visuals

    NPC Mario Power Tennis: 77%
    + Excellent graphics
    + Loads of game variations
    + Top-notch range of characters
    - Imprecise motion controls
    - Frustratingly tough to learn

    Henry Hatsworth Puzzling Adventure: 74%
    + Original concept
    + Engaging characters
    + Plenty of game for the price
    + Packs a real challenge
    - Some irritating mechanics

    Blue Dragon Plus: 76%
    + Breakneck pace to battles
    + Developed strategy system
    + Huge rewards on offer
    - …but these affect balance
    - Preachy story-telling

    Bikini Zombie Slayer: 71%
    + Brilliantly gruesome
    + Solid trashy fun
    + Knowing sense of humour
    - Very, very straight forward
    - Dodgy camera

    Dragon Quest THOTHB: 90%
    + Massive, intelligent story
    + Countless clever innovations
    + Excitement at every turn
    + Best Dragon Quest around
    - Losing favorite charaters

    SNK Arcade Classics vol1: 84%
    + Wide selection of games
    + Much cheaper than VC
    + Great fun with two players
    + Clever achievement system
    - A couple of stinkers in here

    Moto Racer: 79%
    + Classy stylus control system
    + Excellent visuals
    + Impressive array of modes
    + Great multiplayer
    - Inconsistent gameplay

    Broken Sword DX: 86%
    + Superb hand drawn graphics
    + Great voice acting
    + Hint mode is a nice touch
    + New scenes and puzzles
    - Video scenes are quite fuzzy

    Job Island: 78%
    + 50 wide-ranging mini games
    + It’s genuinely funny
    + Adds strategy to a bland genre
    - A lot of repetition
    - Weak multiplayer

    Big Bang Mini: 84%
    + Clever, additive set-up
    + Gorgeous Visuals
    + Heap of content
    + Packs a serious challenge
    - Occasional control glitches

    Sonic 78%? Have they played the same game I have? Fucking awful, oh well different strokes eh? Also I get the impression that I'll find GTA:CC to be a touch overrated (like GTA4) but still should be a great addition.
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    Personally I agree that GTA4 was over ratted but I dont think Chinatown wars is. It might even have better (funner) game play than GTA4 due to the Very "video game" feel after all they may have made it as visually appealing as possible but they put a lot of emphasis on game play as where in GTA 4 the focus was on visuals and physics not fun crazy missions and crazy unrealistic rampages. Personally I felt the realism in GTA4 made the game sluggish and less fun. I'm not a huge GTA fan I enjoyed GTA 2 and loved GTA Vice City but other than those 2 I don't find the other games very fun at all so Don't take me as some GTA fan boy or anything but This Game looks like it will Rock the shit out of the DS.
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    I know what you mean.
    This is like when Nintendo Power gave Sonic:BK a 8.0
    and deadly creatures only a 7.5!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    Wow, everything gets over 70%??
    Lets hope GTA lives up to this score.
    PES 2009 looks nice too.
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    whoa thats a really high score for GTA chinatown wars.
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    It's an official magazine, what do you expect? Where do you people go for music reviews, the RIAA?
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    Thanks for the little pros/cons section for each game; that gives some insight as to why they scored each the way they did. Nice to see another somewhat-favorable review of Onechanbara. I was beginning to think I was alone in my appreciation of the game. Yeah, it's mindless, and yes, it's repetitive, but for what it sets out to do, it does a good job, I think. Also glad to see that someone was able to appreciate Sonic and the Black Knight. I still find it ridiculous that IGN bases their uber-low score on the fact that the game doesn't play like an old-school Sonic game. I'm sure the waggle combat is annoying, but I can't imagine giving a game a 3.9 unless it's broken in some way. It might not be their cup of tea, but is that reason enough to rate it so poorly?

    As for the GTA score, well, I'm sure I'll enjoy the game, but I take any GTA review with a grain of salt. After the scores all the past 3D GTA games received, I've learned to ignore most of what critics say. The games have always been good fun, but I've yet to play one (played every GTA game except London and GTAIV) that breaks the "9" barrier in my book. The way the gaming industry has over-rated these games simply because of the irreverent things they allow players to engage in, it's pretty silly. No one's ever going to convince me that San Andreas was a better game than either Ninja Gaiden Black or the original God of War, though the Metacritic score for SA may be higher.
  8. Joey Ravn

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    Well, it seems that GTA and MadWorld will live to the hype. I'm impressed to see that PES2009 has "Support for Classic Controller". Does that mean it plays just like every other football game out there? Without that "tactical" scheme? Nice, nice.

    PS: I seriously need to beat DQIV. DQV's plot seems to be mind-blowing from what I've heard, but I refuse to play it before beaten the previous one.
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    Woah at GTA.. and now I'm interested in Don King’s Boxing, just bought a balance board.. curious to see how it handles it [​IMG]

    I like GTA a lot, but that's true.. no one has the guts to give it a low score, finished GTAIV last week and I think it's an 8 at best. The game has a bunch of flaws that most reviews just ignored.
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    I agree sonic sucks not like a sonic game at all.....
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    Damn, GTA, MadWorld, DQ V, Henry ,PES 2009, Don King Boxing and Big Bang Mini....
    All those games are gonna get downloaded and played by me, just great scores.
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    Sep 26, 2008
    This sucks. Where's the hype for Broken Sword? I am anticipating GTA:CTW but really want a classic point and click adventure right now.