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    I know that the "Latest Discussions" box is brought up fairly often, expecially how it doesn't include the blogs anymore in the main window.

    I am not posting this trying to say "OH MAH GAWD COSTELLO PLX DO THIS KTHX". No, I am simply throwing this idea out there in case he decided to do anything else with the box, because I think it would be a neat idea.

    I think merging all of the tabs of it (Posts, Blogs, EOF, etc) into one, then having a settings menu in UCP which will let us configure which subforums we want to appear in it would be neat. For example, I don't own a PS3 or a PSP, yet discussions for those still show up in the main menu, and they're irrelevant to my interests. I don't particularly care to see them. In that event, hide those posts and show more Wii or 3DS ones, say. It could give a way to re-integrate blogs with the main part.

    Just food for thought, different ways of doing things.
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