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    Mar 17, 2009

    NIS America, publishers of Disgaea and Phantom Brave, have revealed their latest title: Last Rebellion. at their press event here The game will take a unique approach by having players roam around the world field and make action movements, but players will engage the enemy using a turn-based system.


    Santa Ana, Calif. (May 07, 2009) -Today NIS America announced an all-new RPG -”Last Rebellion” for the PlayStation®3 Computer Entertainment System.A joint project between Nippon Ichi Software and HitMaker, Last Rebellion is an RPG with action elements. Players can roam around the world field and make action movements like in an action game, but once you enterbattle you engage the enemy using a turn-based system.

    Battle System
    During battle, different body parts can be targeted to disable the enemy. For instance, attacks to the legs will slow them down, while blows to the arms will weaken their attacks. By strategically striking key areas of the body, players can strip the enemy of their ability to fight.

    There are 2 main characters in Last Rebellion, Nine (male) and Aisha (female). Nine is a Blade, whose specialty is physical attacks, and Aisha is a Sealer, who uses magic spells to attack & seal enemies. The player can switch back and forth between the two during the battle. Since Nine and Aisha share a single, the player must strategically choose which character to execute their attacks first. Because of this, Last Rebellion is no ordinary RPG with another mindless battle system. The player must be aware of which enemies they are fighting against, and use their experience and strategy throughout the game.

    •Tactical battle system with interchangeable main characters

    •Attractive, visual characters with lots of personality

    •Gorgeous watercolor-like character art and event scenes

    •A story of revenge featuring a dark anti-hero


    check here for more screens

    the screens lack greatly in detail. However, these could be alpha screenshots or some sort of early build. Or it could be one of those good games with just not so good graphics.

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    The red hair guy reminds me of Asch from Tales of the Abyss....

    Looks like it will be a great game, too bad i don't and won't have a PS3
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    very interesting graphics though i think without too much shine and using watery images was a good idea
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    the PS3 is screaming out for RPGs.. its the one genre lacking on the system... [​IMG] luckily my other consoles are picking up the slack [​IMG]