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    Hey folks,

    Last night I was on my laptop - and I spilled a bit of water on it.
    I whiped it off, as it didn't look too bad and there wasn't much water on the keyboard/plastic next to the keyboard.

    So, I turn it off. I reboot to make sure everything is all right...and luckily the only thing not working is my Left Ctrl key.

    I was going to try and migrate to using my Right Ctrl key...but it, as well, doesn't work without putting a lot of pressure on it [​IMG]

    The Left Ctrl key checks out find underneath the plastic key. I push it in - but it doesn't register on the computer.

    For now I've remapped my Right Ctrl key to my Caps Lock key - but it's rather annoying having to use that instead of what I'm used to.

    I'd like to fix one measly key without replacing the whole damn keyboard on my custom made laptop (which means I've no idea what model I'd replace it with). What are my options?
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    Try to remove the key applying pressure with a screwdriver. Laptop keys come away easily. Then test the pressure button underneath. If it doesn't work, you might have to open up everything [​IMG]