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    Nov 14, 2007
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    I've been using the lameboyds 09 on my R4 lately and I've been having fun, reliving the old days with The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Time. But my saves keep on getting messed up entirely. It first happened when I got to the 6th dungeon and saved with the in game save and saved with the X button on my DS. Then when I went back on my DS to try to play again, it immediately said unable to fund DS_Menu_dat. It worked fine just a few mintues ago and this happens, so I try to shrug it off and reformat my card. Today I got as far to the 8th dungeon and then after saving and backing up my save file just in case. I turn my DS back on to see that when I select the game, no save files are there. I have been forced to reformat my microSD card twice now and I am finding it quite irritating. Can anyone help me with my problem?
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    Fact of the matter is this isn't uncommon no matter what flash cart you use. Homebrew (especially emulators) tend to have a higher rate of save problems just because not as much time is put into correcting problems as there is spent on compatibility for commercial games. If you want a more foolproof method to playing GB/C Zelda games then either buy the original(s) or get a GBXchanger + cart or similar. The downside is that it won't work on a DS so you will need a GBA... An alternative is to get a PSP or GP2X -- both of which have GBX (as well as many other systems) emulated MUCH better than on the DS.