Software Lakka 2.3 released, features Raspberry Pi 4 support and RetroArch 1.7.8

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    I've always preferred emulators focused on a particular consoles or just a few, but recently I've been using Medfeden recently and it's been great! So I think I might get this thing and try out the emulator.
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    My two cents on the Pi 4 - If you already have a 3B or 3B+ stick with it for now. You'll most likely have to buy a new power supply as you currently cannot use a micro to usb C adaptor as they didnt follow the USB C standard, you'll also need to an adapter for your HDMI. Cooling even at stock, you'll at best ( depending on use ) need basic heatsink and fan, if you are considering clocking ( you can push it to around 2Ghz ) you are going to need some serious cooling I would recommend this one or a basic water cooling loop .

    For newbies, I'd stick with the 3B+ in all honesty, if you have your heart set on that little bit extra you get with a Pi 4, get an ODROID UX4. In the end you will get something that's slightly better than the Pi for about the same price when you factor in all the extras - unless you really really need the dual display feature.
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    I forgot

    Err, no, that's absolute overkill for the Pi 4, even OC'd and overvolted to all hell. Not even remotely needs that much cooling, you can use a bog standard heatsink and tiny little fan and you'll be more than fine when OC'd, and a dinky heatsink is just fine for stock speeds.

    This dinky little case+fan combo with a dinky little heatsink that comes with it is what keeps my Pi 4 more than cool enough when it's OC'd to 2ghz, never seen the Temps hit over 55c when I hit it real hard with test stuff.
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    Um, I beg your pardon?

    IMG_20190801_185834__01. IMG_20190801_185845__01.

    My Rpi4 setup with no heating issues. :creep:
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    is this for the Switch aswell?