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Oct 1, 2007
Cleveland, OH
United States
L33T (1337) 1s 4 wr1tt3n l4ngu4g3 0r c1ph3r us3d 1n 0nl1n3 g4m1ng, 3-m41ls, t3xt m3ss4g1ng, 4nd 0th3r 3l3ctr0n1c c0mmun1c4t10n. Th3 r00t 0f th3 t3rm "l33t" 1s th3 w0rd "3l1t3"--tr4nsl4t3d 4s 31337--4nd 1337 w4s 1n1t14lly d3v3l0p3d 4s 4n 3xclus10n4ry l4ngu4g3: 4 w4y t0 3nc0d3 t3xt s0 th4t m3ss4g3s c0uld 0nly b3 r34d by th3 1n1t14t3d. Th3 d3f1n1ng ch4r4ct3r1st1c 0f 1337 1s subst1tut10n 0f symb0ls 4nd numb3rs f0r l3tt3rs (f0r 3x4mpl3, 1n th3 t3rm "1337," 1=L, 3=3 4nd 7=T), but th3 l4ngu4g3 h4s 4ls0 d3v3l0p3d t0 1nclud3 1nt3nt10n4l m1ssp3ll1ngs, ph0n3t1c sp3ll1ng, 4nd n3w w0rds. 1f y0u w4nt t0 f4m1l14r1z3 y0urs3lf w1th 1337, 0r 1f y0u'r3 just cur10us 4b0ut 1t, th1s 4rt1cl3 w1ll 3xpl41n th3 b4s1cs 0f h0w t0 r34d 4nd wr1t3 1n th1s 3v3rch4ng1ng l4ngu4g3. Th3 l1c3ns3 pl4t3 0n th3 c4r s4ys H4X0RZ, 0r H4ck3rs.



1. K33p 4n 0p3n m1nd. L1k3 4ll l4ngu4g3s, 1337 1sn't st4t1c. R34d1ng 1337 c4n b3 d1ff1cult 4nd th3 l4ngu4g3 m4y n0t 4lw4ys 4pp34r t0 m4k3 s3ns3, 3sp3c14lly s1nc3 n3w w0rds, r4nd0m c4p1t4l1z4t10ns 4nd 4lt3rn4t3 sp3ll1ngs pr0l1f3r4t3. Y0u c4n l34rn b4s1c gu1d3l1n3s f0r 1337, but th3r3 4r3 n0 rul3s, 4nd 1nd1v1du4ls 4lt3r th3 l4ngu4g3 t0 su1t th31r 0wn n33ds. 1t 1s 1mp0rt4nt t0 k33p 1n m1nd, h0w3v3r, th4t th3 s4m3 c4n b3 s41d f0r 4ny l4ngu4g3. 4ll l4ngu4g3s 4r3 l1v1ng 4nd ch4ng1ng; 1337 1s s1mply v3ry 4l1v3 4nd ch4ng1ng qu1ckly.
2. Th1nk 0f th3 symb0ls 4s sh4p3s 4nd n0t 4s th31r m34n1ngs. F0r 3x4mpl3, 4 5 l00ks 4 b1t l1k3 4n S, 4s d03s 4 $, s0 31th3r 0f th3s3 symb0ls (4m0ng 0th3rs) c0uld b3 subst1tut3d f0r 4n S. Wh3n wr1t1ng 1n 1337, y0u c4n f0ll0w gu1d3l1n3s such 4s th0s3 b3l0w, y0u c4n us3 th3 s4m3 subst1tut10ns 0f symb0ls f0r l3tt3rs th4t y0u s33 0th3r p30pl3 us1ng, 0r y0u c4n m4k3 up y0ur 0wn subst1tut10ns.
3. C0mb1n3 tw0 0r m0r3 symb0ls 4nd numb3rs t0 m4k3 s1ngl3 l3tt3rs, such 4s |= f0r F 0r |3 f0r B. 4g41n, y0u w1ll f1nd s0m3 fr3qu3ntly-us3d c0mb1n4t10n subst1tut10ns, but d0n't b3 4fr41d t0 b3 cr34t1v3 wh3n y0u'r3 wr1t1ng, 4nd d0n't b3 d1sc0ur4g3d 1f y0u c0m3 4cr0ss s0m3th1ng unf4m1l14r wh3n y0u'r3 r34d1ng.
4. P4y 4tt3nt10n t0 c0nt3xt. 1f y0u c4n't f1gur3 0ut th3 m34n1ng 0f 4 symb0l, try t0 gu3ss 1ts m34n1ng b4s3d 0n th3 l3tt3rs (symb0ls) 4r0und 1t. Th1s 1s 4 b1t l1k3 pl4y1ng h4ngm4n 0r Wh33l 0f F0rtun3: y0u try t0 f1gur3 0ut th3 m1ss1ng l3tt3r 0r l3tt3rs by l00k1ng 4t th3 surr0und1ng l3tt3rs. Th3 s4m3 c4n b3 s41d 0f wh0l3 w0rds. 1f 4 w0rd d03sn't m4k3 s3ns3, y0u m1ght n0t b3 tr4nsl4t1ng 1t r1ght, 0r 1t m1ght b3 unf4m1l14r sl4ng. Try t0 gu3ss 1ts m34n1ng by l00k1ng 4t 4dj4c3nt w0rds 0r th3 s3nt3nc3 wh1ch c0nt41ns th3 w0rd.
5. F4m1l14r1z3 y0urs3lf w1th c0mm0n ph0n3t1c r3pl4c3m3nts. 1n 4dd1t10n t0 symb0l-f0r-l3tt3r r3pl4c3m3nt, 1337 c4n 1nclud3 l3tt3rs wh1ch subst1tut3 f0r 0th3r l3tt3rs, s0unds 0r w0rds. F0r 1nst4nc3, f = ph, cks = xx, s = z 0r r = 4r3. Th1s pr4ct1c3 1s c3rt41nly n0t un1qu3 t0 1337--y0u d0n't h4v3 t0 b3 4 1337$p34|

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  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    Well a new phone battery case thing I love it.
  • Flame @ Flame:
    which phone do you own now?
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    And yeah Veho is right with COVID destroying China everything is messed up
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    Galaxy Note 9 right now.
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    Well and Redmi Note 9 and 10 too
  • B-Blue @ B-Blue:
    nice vag
  • James_ @ James_:
    @ mods someone posted nsfw in general
  • DinohScene @ DinohScene:
    picture above?
  • B-Blue @ B-Blue:
    The picture is incomprehensible
  • DinohScene @ DinohScene:
    idek what I'm looking at but if it's actually NSFW, please say so
  • DarthMotzkus tempBOT:
    DarthMotzkus has left the room.
  • linuxares @ linuxares:
    not sure what i'm looking at
  • Veho @ Veho:
    It's from Neural Blender, it generates random images: https://neuralblender.com/
  • Veho @ Veho:
    Remember that deep dream AI thing? This is similar.
  • DinohScene @ DinohScene:
    figured that much haha
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    @Veho, I've been having dreams that feel so realistic lately probably over
    new drugs though most are nightmareish
  • Veho @ Veho:
    Don't do drugs :teach:
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    Big pharma says it's okay
  • Flame @ Flame:
    Drugs are Bad, Mkay?
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    Cheaper then street prices and can fuck you up quicker then a McJizzle
  • The Real Jdbye @ The Real Jdbye:
    stay in drugs don't do school
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    I wouldn't recommend buying drugs
    from JD that's why I am the way I am today
  • AsPika2219 @ AsPika2219:
    Pokemon Brillant Diamond, Shining Pearl and Legends Arceus got updates now! Watch the video!
    AsPika2219 @ AsPika2219: Pokemon Brillant Diamond, Shining Pearl and Legends Arceus got updates now! Watch the video!