L Button not working

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  1. .TakaM

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    Oct 8, 2004
    New Zealand
    k, I found my receipt last night (holy shit I actually kept it) but my DS is about 18 months old, so the warranty no longer applies.
    I want to know if any of you guys have had problems with either shoulder button, and what you did to fix them?
    I hope it's just something simple like removing a bit of dust/etc, or maybe involving some glue... but first I have to figure out those damn tri-headed screws [​IMG]

    so, plz help
  2. pasc

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    Sep 9, 2006
    My father always used a 3 edge sharper (maybe you can`t think of what I'm talking about, but anyway.

    I heard firing up a Stabilo (melting the botton of the pen) and pressing it in a trywing screw gets you a free trywing-screwdriver.

    Hope you get your L Button fixed (BTW: Is yours a DS Lite ? My friend has trouble with his aswell as far as I can remember.

    The Phat L & R Buttons are just the best.)
  3. HellShade

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    Jul 13, 2007
    for the tri-head screws, use a mini flathead screw, (about 3/4 of the trihead screw size) insert as one would a flathead into a trihead screw, and just jam it in as hard as you can, and start turning. It works.
  4. notnarb

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    Jun 18, 2007
    put your mouth near the back of the l button and try blowing air into it