L.a. Noire freezes Sx os pro

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    Jul 25, 2018
    Hey there guys I am going mad, I m playing l.a. Noire xci on sx os, tried version 1.9 and keep getting random freezes constantly, with "an error occurred software closed" etc.. switched to 1.6 Sx os, cause i remembered that freezing in game were minor than 1.9 .. now it freezes always on the stage "a polite invitation" in the apartment of Curtis Benson, (if you have played the game u know what I'm talking about) or in different point of that stage but always after a few minutes the case begin.. I have ofmw 4.10. maybe I have to play with .nsp version of the game? Will it recognise the checkpoint saved from xci Version? Anyone else who stumbled upon this strange issue or did you managed to complete the game with xci or nsp without problems? Please let me know,thank you all! best regards
    EDIT : Sorry I posted in wrong place, I should have posted in "backup loader section"
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    You could try buying the game.
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    You gotta ‘pay to play’!