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    The 'temper being questioned during this session is Taras! (View blog or Wiki page

    For those of you that are new to the game, here are the rules:
    • One user will be put on the questioning stand every two days
    • Once that user's session of questioning starts, anybody can ask that user a reasonable amount of questions they want via posting on the thread
    • These questions can be about anything. Personal life, GBAtemp/internet life, pet peeves, musical tastes, "what if" situations... ANYTHING!
    • Please try to post all your questions at once, in one solid post
    • Upon receiving questions, the user that is in the spotlight can answer them at anytime, as long as it's before their week is up
    This quirky little activity will help us get to know our fellow 'tempers even better in an exciting, chaotic manner!

    [title: Future sessions]
    Sessions halted because of Brawl (mainly because of server errors and the distraction Brawl will create)
    The Teej
    [title: Past sessions]mercluke (Jan. 26th to 29th)
    Harsky (Jan. 24th to 26th)
    Hadrian (Jan. 21st to 24th)
    Fiddy101 (Jan. 19th to 21st)
    Extreme Coder (Jan. 17th to 19th)
    Ace Gunman (Jan. 15th to 17th)
    silverspoon (Jan. 13th to 15th)
    Thug4L1f3 (Jan. 11th to 13th)
    Jax (Jan. 9th to 11th)
    \/\/oltz (Jan. 7th to 9th)
    ShadowXP (Jan. 5th to 7th)
    SpikeyNDS (Jan. 3rd to 5th)
    Sessions from last season
    If you want a KYT session, simply PM me and I'll add you to the queue [​IMG]

    Thanks to JPH for the banner!
  2. Armadillo

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    1)Did you take my cookies?
    2)Give them back?
    3)Okapi or Zonkey ?
    4)Do you hate all the guests browsing , slowing the site down , just waiting for brawl so they can register and say download link?.
    5)um , I dunno , so I'll just wave at you instead , *waves*.
  3. MC DUI

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    1. Why do you always feel the need to post a political comment on most threads?

    2. Are you going to refrain from posting political comments now that you have a blog area where you can post all the comments you need?

    3. How old are you?

    4. Do you live with anybody?

    5. Do you have any pets?

    6. What do you do for a living? Was it what you expected to be doing with your life?

    7. What consoles do you own?

    8. What are your favourite games on each of the consoles you own or have owned?
  4. WeaponXxX

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    My usual questions:
    1) If you were to be given a chance to relive life knowing the joy of only one console (All memories of all other consoles would be erased) what console would you choose?

    2) If you were to be given a chance to relive life knowing the joy of only one GAME (All memories of all other consoles and games would be erased) what game would you choose?

    3) What character NOT in SSBB would you like to see in SSBB?

    4) Dogs or Cats?

    5) That protein based goop they ate in the Matrix or Soylent Green?

    6) If you could switch lives with one video game character for one day ... which character would it be and why?

    And now for some bonus ones:

    8) Will SSBB work on Pal Consoles?

    7) Will it get leaked early?

    9) Why did I post question 8 before 7?
  5. Destructobot

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    Oct 15, 2006
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    If you were a small flowering plant, what color would your flowers be?
  6. JPH

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    Jul 11, 2006
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    You has one apple. You eat it. Theoretically, if you didn't eat the apple you'd still have one left. BUT, if you had two apples and you ate it - how many would you have?

    My name is Sue, and I'm a guy. Does that creep you out?

    If you could lick one thing in the entire world, what would it be?
  7. JPH

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    Jul 11, 2006
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    double post yipyip!
    please delete
  8. DarkAura

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    Aug 20, 2007
    Over there.
    1. Where can I find a cheap alien that is not from the internetz?
    2. Gold and shiny or silver and dull?
    3. Pick an adjective.
    4. Now complete this sentence with said adjective:
    "I often go to the market and slap the _________ cashier for not giving me a discount."
    5. Yes or no?
    6. GBA SP or GB Micro?
    7. Sushi or potato chips?

    That is all.
  9. Sonicslasher

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    1. BRAH or HRTH?
    2. WTF or FTW?
    3. Your mom!
  10. VVoltz

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    Nov 6, 2002
    0. a/g/l? LOL
    1. Hi!, origin of your nickname?
    2. What PS3 games do you have, we should play together sometime!
    3. How often do you play PS3?
    4. Why a white DS3?
    5. Do you find useful the PS3 official thread?
    6. What would you suggest would make that thread more interesting?
    7. Favorite mod?
    8. Does it seem weird to you that I'm not actually asking you nonsense?
    9. Do you know Starsky never answered my questions?
    10. Do you know how 9. makes me feel?
    11. Do you want to know?
    12. Should I stop asking some much questions?
    13. Mmmm.. how about a couple more?
    14. This is the first one, is it?
    15. This one complete the couple, do you think I'll stop?
    16. I lied, how do you feel?
    17. OK, last one I promise, favorite mod?
  11. JacobReaper

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    Jun 5, 2007
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    half life?
    whada wha? O_O
    what the fck are you saying?
    turns emo?
  12. CockroachMan

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    Jan 14, 2006
    1. Why are you taking so long to answer the questions?
    2. What are you doing?
    3. Answer them dammit!
  13. ZeWarrior

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    Jul 2, 2007
    1. Are you secretly the guy from the Movie I am Legend?
    2. What's your favorite game of all time?
    3. Which PS3 console do you own?
  14. Taras

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    Dec 10, 2005
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    Boxcar #142, Santa Fe rail
    1. Are you a stranger? If not then no.
    2. Okay
    3 - 5. Magenta

    1. Because that's my schtick.

    2. In fact yes, I'm keeping it there. Unless I'm inclined to kill a thread.

    3. Old Enough.

    4. Yes

    5. No. I had a hedgehog, but he died.

    6. Engineer. I wanted to be a business owner, but I suxors

    7. Wii (and DS/PSP handhelds), NES, SNES, N64 and PS2

    8. Godfather Blackhand edition, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Zelda:LTTP, FF7, Mario64

    1. SNES
    2. Earthbound
    3. Tingle - so I could beat him down like the stepchild
    4. Dogs
    5. Soylent Green
    6. Pit - So I could fly and jumpstart a short-lived smuggling career
    8. Oh hells naw. NTSC FTW
    7. Yeah, and Wal Mart will make good on those $30 pre-orders
    9. Because you're prolly drinking what I'm drinking.

    Grey. Or is it gray.

    I don't eat apples. They aren't part of the main food groups: Meat, starches, refined sugar, alcohol.

    Not really, if that's your deal. Good on you.

    Barbara Bush's taint.

    1. 7-11 (assuming you meant resident alien, not the extra terrestrial kind)
    2. the second one
    3. daddy (as in x concept is rather "daddy")
    4. I'd rather use it in a different sentence
    5. Yes
    6. SP
    7. Pork skins

    Yo momma, yo daddy and yo bald-headded granny

    0. yeah, right.
    1. Taras Bulba, a Cossack from Russian/Ukrainian author Gogol.
    2. My Little Horsie Farm, the PS3 version
    3. Everytime I pass a unoccupied Circuit City kiosk
    4. Because your "DS3" will give you more bandwidth that way :|
    5. What PS3 thread?
    6. A reference to bonemonkey
    7. I don't know. All of the personalities here kind of meld into one when you don't pay attention to monikers. I call him/her "Everytemper"
    8. yes, actually
    9-20. No

    1. Cuz the organizer forgot to PM me until now, No harm, no foul.
    2. Watching cartoons in a foreign language which I don't remotely understand
    3. That's not a question

    1. The actor or the character (see what I did there?)
    2. Beyond Good and Evil
    3. The one that was shipped with that Hello Kitty game