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    The 'temper being questioned during this session is ChotaZ! (View blog or Wiki page)

    For those of you that are new to the game, here are the rules:
    • One user will be put on the questioning stand every two days (or so)
    • Once that user's session of questioning starts, anybody can ask that user a reasonable amount of questions they want via posting on the thread
    • These questions can be about anything. Personal life, GBAtemp/internet life, pet peeves, musical tastes, "what if" situations... ANYTHING!
    • Please try to post all your questions at once, in one solid post
    • Upon receiving questions, the user that is in the spotlight can answer them at anytime, as long as it's before their time is up
    This quirky little activity will help us get to know our fellow 'tempers even better in an exciting, chaotic manner!

    Past sessions
    If you want a KYT session, simply PM sinkhead and he'll add you to the queue [​IMG]

    Thanks to JPH for the banner!

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    Favourite lolcat?
    Who is your God?
    Would you rather be a fireman or a lumberjack?
  2. Sonicslasher

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    1. do u liek mudkips?
    2. do u liek battletoads?
    3. jump or duck?
    4. stand or sit?
    5. whisper or shout?
    6. fart or burp?
    7. yea or meh?
  3. Little

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    Nov 20, 2006
    What is the most annoying habit that a girl/boyfriend of your's has ever had?

    When is the last time you went out without wearing underwear?

    What do you usually sleep in?

    What is the stupidest thing you've done of your own free will?

    It you were the opposite sex for one hour, what would you do?

    What was the stupidest thing you have ever done in your life that you can remember? Why is it so stupid?
  4. Chotaz

    Chotaz I'm back! :D

    Sep 20, 2007

    1.- I'm always the one that takes the first step when I feel she's sad, I wish she came to me and talked to me on her own, so she could feel better.
    2.- Can't remember, think I only did it once, when i shitted all my boxers because of an Gastroenteritis, and I had noone left in my drower, and I didn't want to miss classes so, i set Willy free, and took him out for that day xD

    3.- Summer: boxers or Naked, Winter: my grandpa-ish pijamas xD (i dunno if i got this question wrong x.x)

    4.- Today i got pre-drunk and kiss 2 of my boy classmates, we are all buddies, but at least i did not ended kissing and licking a tree, like my friend Gonçalo did X.X

    5.- I would try to feel what is like to be horny frum rubbing my titties.

    6.- The way i answered the last question. Isn't it obvious?
  5. JPH

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    Jul 11, 2006
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    Cat or Dog?

    Favorite music?

    Television Show? (besides DBZ!)
  6. Chotaz

    Chotaz I'm back! :D

    Sep 20, 2007
    1.- [​IMG]

    2.- I'm not a religious guy, I don't have a god that i workship, at least for now.

    3.- Fireman, chopping firewood gets boring after a few times, and I know what I'm talking about, unfortunatly xD
  7. Destructobot

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    Oct 15, 2006
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    How many body parts have you had surgically removed?

    What is your favorite Portuguese food?

    If you were a tree, what tree would you be?
  8. Chotaz

    Chotaz I'm back! :D

    Sep 20, 2007
    1.- None, but i have some strange ubbles in my finger and 1 in the corner of my mouth wich i plan to remove, also i ahve a cyst in my wrist, wish ill have to remove sooner or later.

    2.- Cozido à Portuguesa

    3.- An Oak, because they are pretty and live for many, many years!
  9. Westside

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    Dec 18, 2004
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    !. Fuck teh police?
    2. Cock over shoulder or dick in the eyes?
    3. Celine Dion or Michael Bolton?
    4. Rocky or Rambo?
    5. Dick or Penis?
    7. Why did I skip 6?
    8. Donkeyballs or claymore?
  10. Chotaz

    Chotaz I'm back! :D

    Sep 20, 2007
    2.- Dick in the eyes, over the shoulder could be either frontside or backside, wich would look kinda weirdo? [​IMG]
    3.- Celine Dion and her 298th canadian album.
    4.- Rambo, for obvious reasons [​IMG].
    5.- Dickpenis [​IMG]
    7.- For the same reason you used a ! instead of the number 1?
    8.- I chop donkeyballs with my claymore for breakfast! Claymore [​IMG]
  11. 2dere

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    Aug 16, 2007
    New Zealand
    New Zealand
    1. Your usually doing what when on the computer.
    2. Last DS game you bought and next you plan on buying.
    3.Thing you've regreted the most for losing.
    4.Favourite Alcohol
    5.Your house or area which contains most of your possesions is aflame, you only have time to grab something/s you can hold with one hand what are they?
    6. Person you'd like to see most with their own KYT session that haven't already?
    7. ?
  12. Chotaz

    Chotaz I'm back! :D

    Sep 20, 2007
    1.- Usually when I'm on the computer, I'm either at GBATemp, at InfinityMs forums or playing MoHAA/MapleStory.

    2.- Bought Pokémon Diamond with my DS when it came out, not planing on buying a new one that soon, I lieks sthe romz|

    3.- All my Pokemon games, seriously i lost only my pokemon games and I lost them all [ Red,Gold,Ruby and Emerald ] (seriously, I've never loss anything that important in a personal level )

    4.- I'm kinda fragile person when it comes to boose, however I like Vodka, but I don't drink it much times.

    5.- A new pair of pants, bcause I would probably shit my pants If I saw my house on fire :\

    6.- Costello, I dunno if he already has a KYT from the other season, but I have some quesions to ask ^^

    7.- [​IMG]
  13. Harumy

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    Apr 3, 2008
    1. Maplestory or Pokemon? [​IMG]

    2. Best youtube video ever? [​IMG]

    3. DS or PS3? [​IMG]

    4. Favourite DS game? [​IMG]

    5. Favourite game ever? [​IMG]

    6. Kiss: You and Gonçalo or Me and Lígia? [​IMG]

    7. At my house or in yours? [​IMG]

    8. Do you marry me? [​IMG]
  14. Upperleft

    Upperleft Namcoholic

    Aug 15, 2007
    2- Fav dbz character?
    3- Best console ever ?
    4- Retro games?
    5- NARUTO
    6- BRAWL
    7- Why?
    8- BAI
  15. Chotaz

    Chotaz I'm back! :D

    Sep 20, 2007
    1- Ellow, be u faine?
    2- SSJ2 Majin Vegeta
    3- Maybe SNES or PS2, can't chose between them.
    4- OFC, especially DOS Games
    5- KAGE-BUSHIN NO JUTSU!!!! RASENGAN!!!! RAMENN!!! *insert capitalized naruto word here*
    6- Don't like it [​IMG] Mortal Kombat ftw!!!
    7- I never liked Super Smash Bros. :\
    8- kthx, comagain, Apu no speek engrisch!
  16. benchma®k

    benchma®k GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 31, 2007
    1. For the win, Kyuubi naruto or Vegeta?

    2. Ronaldo (cristiano) or Ronaldinho?

    3. Sea or Space?

    4. Favourite movie?

    5. Favourite book?

    6. Whats your moto, or which moto would relate to you the best?

    7. Protip or cuetip?
  17. Chotaz

    Chotaz I'm back! :D

    Sep 20, 2007
    1.- Vegeta, any time, anywhere.

    2.- I don't like football that much, but Cristiano ronaldo, because he's portuguese like me.

    3.- Sea, because ima shark!! YARGH!

    4.- I got lots of them, most of them are recent: Jumper, I Am Legend, Cloverfield, xXx: The Next Level

    5.- Dragonflight, Anne McCaffrey

    6.- Suzuki Hayabusa [​IMG]

    7.- Protip
  18. xalphax

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    Nov 18, 2006
    i think he meant motto not moto.

    but ok with me.

    on topic: whats your favorite place to be?
  19. NeSchn

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    How are you on this fine day?
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    Jul 22, 2007