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    Kurayami no Hate de Kimi wo Matsu

    [ JAP → ENG ]

    • LOOKING FOR TRANSLATORS / HACKERS willing to assemble a team to work on this project

    • GAME NAME: Kurayami no Hate de Kimi wo Matsu (I'll Wait For You at the End of Darkness).

    • RELASE DATE: 22 October 2009.

    • GENRE: Visual Novel / Adventure / Otome and a bit of horror, I think.

    • PLOT SUMMARY: The main character of the game is a high school girl on a field trip on a mountain. Everything seems normal, but while reaching the camp, a bus accident suddenly happens, and when she wakes up, she find herself trapped in an abandoned school with a bunch of guys, two teachers and... a letter from the one responsible for her imprisonment, the mysterious psychopatic killer, Death Mask. And If you don't manage to escape from that place in few days, you will all die. It's time for the escape game.

    The gameplay is a mix of visual novel and exploring. You can find items you can use, and you can decide how to act. You can try to save your classmates and you'll need to work together to escape the place. Of course, while trying to survive, there's also the romance feature, typical of otome games, to get close to one of the guys (by following a specific route). If you leave that apart, though, you get your hands of a great game, that build up suspence and that seems pretty similar to 999 to me (another good point for working on it).

    • SCREENSHOTS: Box Art (Cover) | Box Art (Back) | Gameplay | Gameplay

    ...So, I'm not sure how this will work out, but anyways, I'd love to give it a try.
    The point of this topic is to try to assemble a team who would like to work on translating this game (I saw some videos and reaserched around, and it looks like similar to 999, so I think a lot of people would enjoy this).

    Anyways, as I started just recently to look in romhacking and I know nothing about japanese, I'm pretty much useless. But wait...! Before you ask me why I made this topic being this useless and all, let me finish.
    There's really little info (as far I saw) about this game, but I reserched and researched, and I found a partially translated script that we could use! The script isn't in english -it's in my language- but I was starting to translate it into english. My english isn't the best, but it's understandable (I think), and with a revision or two should be improved.
    The translation is plain old text, but as far I saw it's quite accurate, and covers the prologue, the intro, and a good part of the story (untill the main character has to pick a partner to work with fto escape from the building).
    Also, I've found the translation of menus, characters info and settings as well, so all that remains to translate from japanese are the individual routes (depending on what partner you choose) and some other minor things.

    [ IMPORTANT: Credits for the translated script go to the user Seles Wilder ]

    Of course, it still wouldn't be easy... someone who knows japanese would be required to translate what remained, and hackers for inserting the texts & editing the graphics as well. Compared to this, my contribution is quite scarce, I know, but I still want to give it a try anyways, because this looks like an amazing game (I'll order it even If I'll probably make a mess, eheh). x3

    At the moment, I've translated the prologue & part of the intro from the ita script into english. Even If this thread won't have any success, I'll still try to finish translating into english to share here in case anyone wants to know what's going on in the game.
    Uhm, then... let me know If you're interested, and If I can do something. I don't know romhacking, but I'm trying to learn, and I can still be useful reseraching around. At the bottom of this topic, I'll put the translated info (I'm still working on it, but it should be ready soon).

    Okay, so here we go. This "Guide" covers the translation of:

    ● INTRO;
    ● A GOOD PART OF MAIN STORY (Includes a little tutorial, answer selection screen and the character's reactions to different answers you pick).

    To make things simpler and easy to understand... here are some tips about how the Guide is written:

    ● In red color -just like this part- you'll find the notes (things I'm saying, so they're not part of the game). I'll use them in case there's need to.

    Bold Text (of black default color) is used to indicate a character currently speaking, or in some case an item / location you're examining.

    Es: Announcer: blah blah blah; -it means thet the announcer is speaking in-game.

    ● [Text] or (Text) can indicate various things, like text in tutorial, or the heroine's thoughts. It should be simple to understand, so you should figure it out pretty easily. Now, let's start...

    Announcer: Now, here's the latest news. Today, at dawn, eight corpses were discovered at the camp near Nanakiri River.

    Announcer: Judging from their school uniforms, the victims were students on a field trip on Mt. Nanakiri, belonging to both Kinhou High and...

    Announcer: to Hanyuuda Technical Commercial School.
    In addition to them, there were also found the corpses of the two teachers in charge of them.

    Announcer: Judging from the singular modus operandi used,

    Announcer: the killer is thought to be a psychopatic.

    Announcer: The police is currently conducting more accurate investigations in regard.

    Announcer: The names of the victims are the following. Aoi Mio; Sakuraba Katsumi;

    Announcer: Akiyama Tomo; Honami Yousuke, Kazano Tarou;

    Announcer: Mikomoto Naoki; Kousaka Takahiko.

    Announcer: And lastly...

    Then the Name Selection Screen will pop up - Choose a name. After you choose a name and conferm it, the INTRO Part will start.

    [Upper screen] 4:00 PM

    Player: ...Ah!

    I wake up suddenly, trying to scream without really emitting any sound.
    My heart is pounding furiously in my chest...

    I'm not quite sure, but I think I just had an horrible nightmare.

    I wipe away the tears on my cheeks, and I start looking around.

    The scenery is covered in the red color of the sunset... Mountains stand out against the peak of Mt. Nanakiri, and a silver-colored river flows through them.

    Player: (Right, today we have a field trip.)

    I try to get down the bench I was resting on; a cold mountain breeze blows on me.

    ????: Are you finally awake? Welcome back.

    Player: Ah... Sakuraba-kun?

    Standing in front of me there is my childhool friend, Sakuraba-kun.

    We're also neighbors.

    Because of my parent's work, my family and I had to leave this small town in the past so, until last year, we didn't see each others for 6 years.

    But, in the time we spent together, we're grew almost like siblings (like we were in the same family).

    ...Sakuraba-kun tilts his head, stares in my eyes and then shrugs.

    Sakuraba Katsumi: What do you mean, "Ah... Sakuraba-kun"?!

    Sakuraba: It was so weird, you stopped talking little by little, and then bang! You fainted.

    Sakuraba: Kousaka-sensei said it was probably a sunstroke, or something like that. ...Anyways, you're okay now?

    Player: Ah, right... I fainted...

    I touch carefully my head, which I still feel spinning a bit, while standing up from the bench.

    The sun has set down, and the nice color of dusk is all over the mountains

    For how long I've slept...?

    Sakuraba: Oi, oi! Don't faint again, now...!

    Sakuraba: I was really worried about you, y'know?

    Sakuraba: I mean, what got into you?

    Sakuraba: I always thought you had an iron health.

    Sakuraba: I nearly had an heart attack when I saw you collapsing.

    Player: Yeah, I don't quite understand it myself.

    Player: Maybe it was because yesterday I was so excited I couldn't sleep.

    Sakuraba: What are you, a little child?

    Sakuraba: I'm sure that you're the only girl of our school who couldn't sleep because of the excitement for this field trip!

    Player: Uhm, yeah... maybe...

    Defeated, Sakuraba-kun shrugged and smiled a little.

    Sakuraba: You never change. Well, I'm more relieved now that I see you're feeling better.

    Sakuraba: Can you walk?

    Sakuraba: If you don't get a move, they'll eat all of our dinner.

    Player: Ah, yes... the others alredy came down the mountain into the valley?

    ????: That's correct.

    I heard a deep voice, right behind me.

    Sakuraba: Ack. The School President...

    Sakuraba-kun stepped back a bit, uneasy.

    ... I think I understand how (small) he feels.

    The School President of our school is the heir of the Aoi Group, a big financial company.

    Aside from being the head of the student council, which he leads like it was an imperial academy...

    (? not sure about this term)

    ...he's also very good-looking, resembling his mother, and ex star of Takaradzuka. He's just incredible, under every aspect.

    (*Takaradzuka: a form of japanese theatre, with a cast of only women)

    School President: The other students alredy got in the valley, and started to camp.

    School President: A bus was alredy arranged for you. You can take it together with the other people who didn't leave yet.

    School President: Once you've reached the camp, the bus will take you back to school.

    School President: It should be alredy here.

    School President: Can you walk?

    Player: Ah, yes...

    School President: Good.

    School President: Then, please follow me to the place where we took souvenir photos during lunchtime.

    School President: The bus should be right there, waiting for you two.

    While talking in a fluent and precise tone, the School President glanced at me with his deep blue eyes.

    Player: Y-Yes... Okay...

    School President: Oh, and another thing.

    School President: You should work more on your teamwork. Put it simple, you should have more restraint.

    School President: To avoid a breakdown of your phisical conditions, be sure to have your supply of water, and to rest enough...

    School President: With the proper precautions, any kind of accident can be avoided.

    School President: Reflect (think over) over your mistakes, and think about a way to avoid repeating them again.

    Player: Yes...

    Near me, Sakuraba-kun sighs grumpily.

    Sakuraba: ...President, come on, give her a break.

    Sakuraba: I'm sure she pondered about it enough.

    School President: Fine then, I do not have anything else to say.

    School President: I do not intend to preach more. (not sure about this)

    Aoi Mio: Also, I do have a name. It's Aoi.

    Aoi: I'd be grateful If you could refer to me using my name, instead of my title.

    Sakuraba: ...Yeah, we'll be sure to remeber to do so.

    Aoi: Good. I'll go to the parking area.

    Aoi: Let me carry your luggage.

    Player: ...Eh?

    At that sudden offer, I watch the School President... I mean, Aoi-sempai, shocked (surprised).

    Aoi-sempai tilts his head and looks back at me (returns my gaze).

    After little time, though, Aoi-sempai realizes he should give me some explainations.

    Aoi: Sakuraba-kun asked for my help, to prevent you from fainting again.

    Aoi: Since I'm not busy at the moment, I can carry the luggage of the ones who feel unwell.

    Player: Uhm... but, I'm fine now... I mean, I appreciate your offer, but...

    Near us, Sakuraba-kun nods.

    Then, again...

    Looking at Aoi-sempai carrying my PINK backpack, I feel really, really sorry for him in any possible way.

    Aoi: I'm used to mountain excursions, but it would be bad If you fainted again.

    Aoi: So, it would be better to act accordingly, to reset to zero the chances of the situation to repeat.

    Aoi: ...I get the feeling it will rain soon. Before that happens, it would be best to hurry to the meeting place.

    Player: Ahh... uhm... y-yes...

    Aoi: Well then, see you later.

    Aoi: I'll be going now.

    Aoi-Sempai starts to go towards the valley, taking my backpack with him without giving me the time to protest.

    Free of the tension of before, we remain still, watching his figure walking away.

    Sakuraba: ...He's even more surprising than the voices say... I didn't know people like him still existed...

    Player: Y-Yeah...

    Player: ...

    Player: ...Well, let's go. If we don't move, we'll end up being a nuisance again.


    The wind blows from East, where the sky is clearer. It shakes the trees' foliage, black in contrast of the deep red sky.

    Once I heard the weather on the mountains is fickle... and it seems like the saying is really true.

    Player: Sakuraba-kun, thank you very much for accompanying me.

    Sakuraba: Ah, don't sweat it...

    Sakuraba: I also wanted to take some photos of the plants that grow here, on Mt. Nanakiri.

    Sakuraba: I wanted to have some more free time to do so today, and then you fainted.

    Sakuraba: So, I had a really good reason to stay behind for a little longer.

    Player: Ah, so that's how things are.

    Sakuraba: Yeah, and I'm grateful to you for that... Huh? There are still people here?

    Between the bushes, I can't see anything more than shadows, but there are two boys at the bottom of the valley, near the river. It seems like they're picking up trash.

    ????: Even If we're in October, manual jobs make me sweat...

    ????: ..........

    ????: Why me...? It was you who dragged me in this situation.

    ????: ...........

    ????: I alredy told you I'm sorry.

    ????: But you didn't really meant it...

    ????: Anyways, it's so hot... Maybe because I've got my uniform down there, too.

    Sakuraba: What? The mood seems a bit hot (?). Let's go see what's happening.

    (I'm not sure how to put it. "Hot Mood"... like, tense or something. Heated Mood... it even makes sense?)

    Sakuraba-kun launches himself down the pathway to the bottom of the valley before I could agree. I hurry up, following him...

    Blonde Guy: ............

    Blonde Guy: If you feel too hot, I'll cool you down.

    Blonde Guy: Haaaa!!

    On a sudden rampage, the blonde guy kick on the butt the other guy, who was far more big than him.

    Tall Guy: ...Eh, what...!?

    He loses balance... and, with a soundly splash, fall in the river.

    Blonde Guy: Ahahahahahah...!

    Tall Guy: Damn you...!!

    Tall Guy: Now you're really crossed the line...!!

    Tall Guy: If I hurted myself somewhere, what would we to for tomorrow's match?

    Blonde Guy: Sorry, sooorry! But, I didn't kick you hard enough for you to break something.

    Blonde Guy: So, no harm done.

    Tall Guy: ...Even so, I feel irritated hearing that from you...

    Tall Guy: To indulge you, I had to take Aoi-sempai's punishment and to pick up the trash...

    Tall Guy: And now, you also do this to me... Etchooo!

    Blonde Guy: ...Whatever. Before yelling at me, shouldn't be better to go and change your clothes?

    Blonde Guy: Or do you want to catch a cold before tomorrow's match?

    The blonde guy shrugs, throwing a sports bag to the other guy, still in the river.

    Tall Guy: ..........

    Tall Guy: Damnit. I'll go change. You pick up the trash!

    After saying so, the tall guy, all wet, disappears behind the trees and bushes.

    Player: What a strange duo... were they arguing?

    Sakuraba: Nah, they always behave like this. Wait, you mean you don't know them?

    Sakuraba: ...The one who fell in the river is Akiyama Tomo. The shorter one is Honami Yousuke.

    Sakuraba: They're both tennis player of international fame.

    Sakuraba: The other day we also cheered them on before the lessons started.

    Player: Really? Now that you talk about it, I think I saw them before...

    I move my gaze on Honami-kun.

    He's ignoring Akiyama-kun's imprecations from behind the bushes...

    And he's lazily picking up a empty bag of candies.

    Sakuraba: Look at them.

    Sakuraba: And they're called "the unbeatable duo". I don't really understand society...

    Sakuraba: When they play against other schools, I'm the one taking photos of them.

    Player: Ehh, really? You never told me...

    I watch them with some sort of ammiration, when Honami-kun raises his head towards us.

    Honami Yousuke: Ah, I thought I heard voices... Oh, it is you, Sakuraba. What? You two were left behind too?

    Honami-kun gives us an amiable smile and, with a trash bag in a hand, comes toward us.

    Sakuraba: No, it was because of her... She had a sunstroke, so we waited until she felt better.

    Sakuraba: ....

    Sakuraba: We were going to take the bus just now.

    Sakuraba: And what about you? Why are you two still here?

    Akiyama Tomo: ...Oh, yeah. Tomorrow we have a match.

    Suddenly, Akiyama-kun appears from behind the bushes, now wearing a polo shirt. Ignorning our surpised expression, Akiyama-kun quickly reordered the trash bags and walked towards us.

    Akiyama: ...We should move. I don't really want to get another punishment.

    Sakuraba: ...Right. Let's hurry, Honami.


    The wind, now damp, starts to whip us with increasing strenght.

    After we found our bus, we hasten our pace.

    Kousaka-sensei, chemistry teacher in charge of us, got off from the seat near the driver.

    Kousaka Takahiko: You're late, we were starting to worrry.

    His eyes, like usual hidden behind a pair of glasses, light up with a gleam which seems to pierce through us.

    Sakuraba-kun and the two tennis player surely feels intimidated by him.

    Akiyama: ...I'm sorry. While walking, I fell down in the river.

    Kousaka: I see... so this is what happened.

    Kousaka: And it's for that reason you're now wearing a polo.

    Kousaka: However, I don't understand...

    Kousaka: You're quite good in sports, it seems strange to me that you would fall in the river while walking normally...

    Kousaka-sensei curls his lips, and takes a step towards us.

    Kousaka: You didn't fall in the river while trying to harass someone, right, Akiyama-kun?

    Player: (Wait... is he referring to me!?)

    Player: (But why on earth would he want to harass me...)

    Biting nervously my lips, my eyes meet with sensei's.

    Player: ...No, Akiyama-kun never ever tried to harass me.

    Kousaka: Hmpf.

    Kousaka-sensei look into my eyes for a bit, then he nods, apparently satisfied.

    He gives me a smile, while I sigh with relief.

    Kousaka: When a woman lie, her pupils dilatates, but it doesn't seem the case with you.

    Kousaka: I thought we had to listed at his desperate excuses, but I doubt that will happen now.

    Sakuraba-kun, behind me, whispers something about how scary is Kousaka-sensei.

    Glaring at him with an expressionless face, sensei fixed his glasses on his nose.

    Kousaka: Well, then. Get on board.

    Kousaka: Besides Aoi-kun, there is also a student from another school on board. I expect you will treat him politely, behaving like a Kinhou High student should.

    Kousaka: Understood?

    Player: Eh... Ah, yes...

    After telling us what he had to, sensei walks again towards the bus, ignoring our astonished faces.

    Honami: Whoa, Kousaka-sensei really scared me. During lessons he's quite calm, I didn't know he had that side of him.

    While agreeing with Honami-kun, who shrugs, we get on the white bus.

    Kazano Tarou: Sooorry for the bother. I'm Kazano Tarou, a first year at HTC.

    Akiyama: ...You mean, the Hanyuuda Technical Commercial High School?

    Kazano: Yeah, that one. I see you heard about it.

    Kazano: I was on a field trip too, just like you guys, but on the opposite side of the mountain.

    Kazano: But I was so bored I decided to ditch 'em and to take this route instead.

    Kazano: And then, that sensei with the round glassed found out about me.

    Kousaka: ...........

    Kousaka: Even If he's from another school...

    Kousaka: I couldn't possibly leave him alone here.

    Kousaka: The weather was becoming rainy, so we decided to take him to Hanyuuda's camp,

    Kousaka: right after accompanying Sakuraba-kun and the others at Kinhou's camp.

    Kazano: Ehhhhh? Please, sensei, can't you turn a blind eye for this time?

    Kazano: If you take me back there, I will get court-martialled for desertion.

    Akiyama: ...Desertion? Court-martialled? What he's talking about?

    Honami: Nothing, I suppose he's just joking... Why don't you try to use your brain every now and then?

    Kazano: I mean, I'de be happy If I could get off here~.

    Kousaka: Mikomoto-sensei, you can turn on the bus.

    Kazano: What a villain! He's ignorning me!!

    Kazano-kun yells, and stumps his back against his seat.

    Player: (H-How scary...)

    Near Kazano-kun, is sitting Aoi-kun.

    ...Maybe he's shielding us from him for our sake?

    Mikomoto Naoki: ...........

    Mikomoto: Ahem. ...Well then, let's go, everybody.

    Sakuraba: Mikomoto-sensei, you'll be our driver? How cool... I want take my driving license soon, too!

    Mikomoto: Yes. Well, I'm a bit sleepy, but I'll do my best. Yaaawn...

    Kousaka: Mikamoto-sensei, don't yawn in front of your students. Do you want to use this eye drop?

    Mikomoto: Yes, I'll take it very gladly.

    Mikomoto: .........

    Mikomoto: ...Perfect. Okay, we can go now.

    As soon as the bus starts moving, my stomach starts to growl.

    Luckily Sakuraba-kun brought a lot of sandwiches with him for the field trip, and he offers me some. We divide them with the others as well.

    Sakuraba-kun's parents owns a shop, the "Sakuraba Bakery", right near the station.

    I was just talking about that, when the bus jolts, and the first drops of rain start to fall on the bus' windows.

    Kousaka: It started raining.

    Mikomoto: It should be best to reach HTC's camp before the sun set down completely.

    Mikomoto: I didn't really practiced so much driving before, and driving on a wet street makes me feel a little---

    Kousaka: Please, use the full and proper name of the School. Hanyuuda Technical Commercial.

    Kousaka: Anyways, it should be fine for now. After we drop off Sakuraba-kun and the other students, I'll take your place as the driver.

    Mikomoto: It's really kind of you...

    Sakuraba: Don't you feel a bit anxious, listening to Mikomoto-sensei's words?

    Player: Yeah...

    Player: But, our camp shouldn't be too far from here, don't worry.

    Sakuraba: Right... And thanks heaven.

    Sakuraba: Hmm...

    Sakuraba: I worn myself out today. Now I'm kind of sleepy.

    Sakuraba: Sorry, but I think I'll sleep for a bit.

    Sakuraba-kun yawns loudly, and closes his eyes.

    ...What to do now? Should I try sleep as well?

    I slept a lot just a little while ago, but maybe because I'm still in growing, I'm feeling really sleepy right now.

    Leaning over my seat, I stretch a little.

    * Two choices will pop up. If you choose the first (I'll listen to what the others are talking about), you'll see the dialogues between the guys. If you choose the second option (Just like Sakuraba-kun, I close my eyes), you'll skip that part. *

    - I hear the voices of the others on the bus...

    Just behind the seat behind us, there are Honami-kun and Akiyama-kun...

    I can hear what they're talking about...

    Honami: Hey, Mo--- I mean, Akiyama. Can you lend me your thermos when you're done with it?

    Honami: I think I lost mine somewhere in that fuss before.

    Akiyama: Sorry, but this thermos is Aoi-sempai's.

    Akiyama: I can't find mine as well among my stuff.

    Akiyama: Perhaps someone took it by mistake...

    Honami: We did a lot after leving our luggage.

    Honami: We had to pick up the trash, and we had to change too. Maybe we were a bit careless.

    Akiyama: It was your fault anyways.

    Akiyama: My thermos was really pricey, too. My mother will get mad at me again...

    Honami: Yeeep. Your mother is scary, Akiyama...

    Honami: Anyways, can you give me Aoi-sempai's thermos? I'm sooo thirsty!

    Akiyama: ...............

    Akiyama: You could at least PRETEND to be a little sorry...

    Akiyama: ...I'm going to sleep. Don't bother me.

    ...After some time, I heard them breathing deeply in their sleep.


    They stopped talking.

    Lastly, I hear Kazano-kun and Aoi-sempai talking...

    Kazano: Ehhh, so you're the Class Rep, huh? Well, you actually look like one!

    Kazano: If you don't mind... Cross your arms, and turn your head like this...

    Kazano: Good, now that you're in this position, tell me again what you were telling me right now!

    Aoi: Very well.

    Aoi: "A messy appearance means your heart is messy as well. Our school does not approve the display of piercings."

    Aoi: ...Was it good?

    Kazano: Wahahaha, sooo funny! You just look like a comic's character!!

    Kazano: Our Class Rep it's completely different from you! And to tell you the truth, I don't even know who he is.

    Kazano: Kinhou High it's really another thing (something special). I appraise you guys.

    Kazano: Oh, have some of these. They're limited-time favored chips.

    Aoi: Thank you very much.

    Aoi: I don't eat snacks like these often, but for this time I'll gladly accept your offer.

    Kazano: Go ahead. ...You know, it's not half bad talking to you.

    Kazano: I'd imagined Kinhou's Class Rep would be too snooty to talk to a guy like me.

    Aoi: Well, I don't think having a piercing is wrong in generaò. But it's wrong to break the school's rules.

    Kazano: Hmm. If If understood well, you think that, since the law is the law, you have to follow it no matter what?

    Aoi: That's correct, in some ways.

    Aoi: It's dangerous to trifle with rules just because they aren't official.

    Aoi: Humans are weak creatures.

    Aoi: Once you turn a blind eye over something, you'll never be able to stop it.

    Kazano: Hmmm...

    Kazano: I don't quite agree, but I understand where you come from.

    Aoi: ...Thank for the compliment...

    Aoi: But this way of thinking is not mine. I inherited it from my honorable uncle.

    Kazano: Ahahaha! The way you talk is so funny!

    It seems that Aoi-sempai and Kazano-kun are getting along nicely...

    Oddly enough, they even seem to enjoy themselves.


    I'm feeling even more sleepy now... Maybe it's because of the bus' soothing motion.

    I lean on my seat, feeling my eyelids heavy.

    - Just like Sakuraba-kun, I close my eyes.


    Feeling something like a jolk, I istinctively open my eyes.

    Aoi: Kousaka-sensei, Mikomoto-sensei.

    Aoi: I'm sorry to say this, but...

    Aoi: I find quite strange we still didn't reach the camp, considering what time is it now.

    Aoi: Could it been you took the wrong way?

    Aoi: Hmn? Mikomoto-sensei, those lights...

    Aoi: NO, HOW...!!

    A pair of blinding headlights are heading towards the windshield.

    Mikomoto: Ehh... w-waaaaaah...! S-So bright!!

    Kousaka: Mikomoto-sensei... AH!?

    With this, the INTRO ends. Next, you'll find yourself in the abandoned school, and the main part of the game will start. There will be some helpful tutorials in-game which will teach you how to move / talk with others / explore and such. This Guide covers a very good portion of the main story, including the tutorials' translation as well.
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    Looks interesting, although I think [Open Translation] is a bit misleading because open translation gives the impression that anyone can just translate stuff for the game, but it looks more like you're looking for a translator rather than opening translation up to the public.

    Also I'd recommend that if you do get a translator, they at least go over the original Japanese for the parts that are already translated into Italian to make sure there's nothing lost in the JP > ITA > ENG translation. Although completely retranslating those sections would probably be best to make sure nothing gets lost in translation, which is far too common when translating between multiple languages.
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    Mar 31, 2015

    Yeah, I thought so as well... but I didn't know how else I should write it.
    I'll edit my post specifying that I'm looking for hackers and a translator, thank you very much for the tip. =)

    I was also thinking about that, as the script I've found seems very accurate but wasn't beta-tested at all. The point is... I don't really know anyone, so I'm not really sure how to find someone who'd be interested in be a traslator for this project (thus the decision to open this thread in hope someone would propose themsemves).
  4. rastsan

    rastsan 8 baller, Death Wizard,

    May 28, 2008
    well you are gonna need some help with the .mods movie files which means an asm hack. Very easy to unpack .dat files (at least so far).
    I just started to look at this and am not going to look too deep. I used tinke and crystaltile2. It looks like you have space to spare for pointer redirection if the empty space in the voice.vce file can be used. if I am right it has 10737 files. Which yes I just dumped. easy to edit adx and ahx cri files. The large number of files in the voice.vce file has me wondering if you will be doing voice over or an asm hack to subtitle the audio. If you want just open the rom in tinke then open the file as a pack file and type 10737 in the number of files pane and 0 for offset for pointers start. I can upload these later if you need them. I wouldn't take that much voice work on... just wow. Personal opinion - That is some cheesy music.
    yeah so pretty much pack files with no in file number of file listed. or pointers for groups of files followed by those files then followed by more pointers for files and so on. not quite the same for the text. event.dat is your bulk text file... I haven't even checked the arm9.bin yet... seems pretty straight forward to me.

    looks like whoever is doing the graphics may have to go through the files manually.
    to note one so far:
    in bg.dat which has text in the image
    9Dae0 pallete gba8bpp
    9DCD8 256 by 198

    also lots of images to edit in the obj.dat file

    I was only looking out of curiosity.
    the event.dat file definitely has text and pointers to that text. I have no actual interest in translating this game but this is actually very doable. Its just the mods movie files that I foresee some trouble with as there is no current converter for this type of movie file. You might get a hacker to help or you could do it yourself with just a little research (the hacking).

    Good luck.
    You can do a menu translation without that much trouble.
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  5. Alpharage

    OP Alpharage Member

    Mar 31, 2015
    Whoa, thank you very much for sharing these info! <3
    I'm still new in romhacking (I'm trying to learn something about it my free time, but I'm having an hard time alredy) so I really hope I can find someone interested in this project who could help me and who could find those info more useful.

    Right now, I'm trying to figure out how .dat file works and, basically, how to open them so I could see their contents. Since I can't translate japanese, I was thinking about learning how to modify graphics since I've got the translation of the in-game menus and such (I need to figure out the .dat extension works before ever trying it, though). =)

    Anyway, on another note...
    I edited the 1st post adding the Intro translated script. I'm near finishing translating in english the part of story I found. I also posted Controls / Menus Infos as well (with images, too), so for now I hope those help out to figure out how to play, and what's happening.
  6. rastsan

    rastsan 8 baller, Death Wizard,

    May 28, 2008
    get yourself tinke and or crystaltile2. I would go with ct2 first just so you can look through it in tile view mode (gba4bp or gba8bpp). you are going to have to play with the offsets a bit but when you do get them note them in a spreadsheet to use when you rebuild or need to put the edit back in. So obj.dat at x offset with gba8bpp but 256 width by 198 height instead of 8 by 8 or whatever I don't want to confuse you. you will generally find the pallete (which has the colors the image is using) file before the image file and possibly a map file. I wasn't looking too hard. as you are a beginner I am tempted to dump the images for you.
    If you are going to list the script please include the japanese counter part for the hackers to search for when they get to dumping the text. I have a table file for you if you need it but you should be okay with just sjis encoding. it is just finding and dumping all those text pointers.

    You really should take a look at all 10000+ voice files. just that alone is going to be a crap load of work. I have a couple other projects that need voice overs to finish them off... it gets time consuming especially when the speaker is garbling their words or a hyperfast kid voice. Going through and changing any timing in game to match the new longer english voice over.... blah.... By timing I mean the programmers included how long that specific sound file was in the game and it waits x time before it moves on you have to find that in whatever way they encoded it and hope it will take the longer time frame. yes this includes editing other background music to be longer to match the now longer voice file or changing its timing as well to match - which can sometimes lead to replay choppiness. sound complicated? its not its mind numbingly boring and very very time consuming - especially if you don't have any accompanying text to help you figure out what they are saying in that sound file.

    dang almost didn't write what I came back to say the menu graphics are in the obj.dat file. just open the obj.dat in ct2 view it in tile mode and turn it to gba8bpp then slowly go though it noting offsets of where certain graphics start. When and if you get more experience you will understand when I say the pallette files are there you just don't know what they look like right now. SO I gotta give you a warning about editing an image without its proper pallette file - they put it there for a reason editing it in black and white then putting it back in will not help you.
    as I say this I am trying not to talk myself into further helping you with this. take a look though Fast6191's guide at the top of this forum and don't be afraid to ask questions here.
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  7. Alpharage

    OP Alpharage Member

    Mar 31, 2015
    I heard a lot of good things about CT2 so I got it some time ago. I still need to learn how to use it properly though, most of the time I feel like I'm reading an alien language, or something like that. It'll take time. :) By the way, the only graphic formats I knew were the ones mentioned in this thread, so it might take a while for me to figure out how to work that obj.dat thing. I downloaded FAST's rom hacking PDF guide, and man, it's huge, so I think I'll try to give it a good reading after I finish translating the Kurayami's guide in english.

    I was thinking about adding the japanese text as well, by the way... the problem is, I tried to open the event.dat with CT2 with Shift-Jis encoding, but that didn't work. All I get are messy characters (again, I need to study about that part of romhacking first, so it's not surprising I can't get much done yet). I know how to make a table manually from a .txt but... there are too many characters, so I think it would be a bit impossible.

    As for those voice files... I think you mean they should be modified so that they won't be out of sync during the game? Unluckly, I do not have enough knowledge about romhacking to try to do anything with that... I mean, I can still try and learn, but it'll take a while, and I wouldn't probably be able to do it alone, so I suppose for now I'll finish with the translation and see If I can find more experienced hackers to assist me with the project (hopefully until them I'll learn to do something as well).

    By the way, thank you very much for all those info, you're really nice. c:
    I'm sorry I'm such a bother, but hopefully when I'll learn more I'll be able to be more useful and less bothersome. xD
  8. rastsan

    rastsan 8 baller, Death Wizard,

    May 28, 2008
    get the table from the nftr and use that.
  9. FoxInFlame

    FoxInFlame Newbie

    Mar 17, 2016
    I speak Japanese fluently, and in fact, I am Japanese.
    I can totally help with this translation thing, yet there's this important thing.

    I am new to this.

    So I don't know how to translate, I don't know where to translate, I don't even know if I'm supposed to install programs or not!

    But one thing is certain. I can speak Japanese, and English. Fluently.

    - Fox
  10. Alpharage

    OP Alpharage Member

    Mar 31, 2015
    Sorry about the late reply. I am currently dealing with some stuff in real life. >.<
    I'm still translating the script though. I'm almost finished.

    Anyways, that was te difficult part. I don't know how to do it.
    I've tried doing it with NFTR Editor, but the "custom.tbl" I get is always blank. I suppose it would be possible to make one with CrystalTile, but since I'm new and I'm finding hard figuring out all the program's features, I've just been fiddling with it a bit, trying to do it, but I'm having an hard time doing so.
    I somewhat got a .tbl file (fiddling with CrystalTile2), but when I load it... well, I see some japanese characters, but english letters as well (it's not very understandable). I attached the .tbl file I got, just in case. I looked at in with notepad+, confronting it with the character map in the NFTR Editor, and so far all the characters seems to have the same values... but it doesn't work anyways. I did something wrong? owo

    Whoa, I'm very pleased to see someone who's interested in translating this game! =)
    (Also, lucky you. I wish I was able to understand Japanese as well! It's such a beautiful language... it sounds so good, too. <3)

    Anyway, yes, that's the difficult part. As I'm trying -in the few free moments of my time I have- to learn something about romhacking, I'm still far away from being actually useful. I was hoping to find someone who would be interested in do the hacking part. It would be easy If we had a program to handle the scripts & translate directly them, but as far I know writing those kinds of programs is really difficult.

    I suppose we can only wait and hope to find someone interested in helping out with that part... D:

    Attached Files:

    • tbl.rar
      File size:
      10.6 KB
  11. rastsan

    rastsan 8 baller, Death Wizard,

    May 28, 2008
    with the release of the mods video player you should be able to convert out then back in to bink or something else it can use. with just a little tinkering with the arm9.

    you don't need to anything with chr file but it works this way pointer to pallete data, pointer to graphic data, then pointer to next graphic section or EOS, pointer to next graphic section or end of section. relative to section start. so section starts at c210 the pointer at c218 says 7c30 add them together and that is where the next graphic section of the same format is. pointer to pallete pointer to graphic eos eos. there may be more parts in some of the dat files.

    event.dat has section pointers then those sections have pointers. I would use tinke or filecutter and manually break those sections to smaller files then possibly do it again for those files (that were sections). 24 sections for event.dat. I tried to use the table file on it but no real help. Probably will have better luck with ct2 and viewing those sections in hex (or with the table file). to het the table file use ct2 nftr viewer and dump it from there. the one tinke dumps will only be helpful if you reformat it. maybe more later...
  12. Deleted User

    Deleted User Newbie

    Is this translation still active or?
  13. TigerTiger

    TigerTiger Member

    Aug 23, 2020
    United Kingdom
    That's a necropost if ever I saw one :rofl2:

    But I'm sorry LilyLily, you went to all the trouble of creating and account to post this comment, but it seems like the project hardly got started even. I'd say your chances are less than 0.5%

    Shame, though :cry: There are just way too many more games that don't get a translation vs amount of people actually able to do anything about it...
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