1. nightsab

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    Nov 16, 2019
    Hi! I'm confronted with the following situation and would like to ask for some help.

    Before moving to emuMMC, I've used ReiNX applied to the sysNAND based on Horizon 8.0.1. There, I've installed some game backups using Tinfoil/Fluffy which worked perfectly.

    Then (of course after backing up my precious save games via Checkpoint ;)) I decided to make the step to emuMMC and thus use Atmosphere/Kosmos instead of ReiNX. I've done this by (a) making a full backup of my SD card state, (b) partitioning and formatting my SD card to have a separate partition for the emuMMC, (c) copying over the files of Atmosphere/Kosmos (including the sigpatches from Kosmos_patches_10_09_2019) to the SD card, (d) running the Hekate 5.0.2 payload and creating the emuMMC on the previously created partition, (e) activating the emuMMC through Hekate and (f) booting into Atmosphere/Kosmos via Hekate.

    There, I noticed that all the games I previously installed to the SD card showed a little "cloud" icon next to them and asked me to re-download them to be able to play them. Of course, I thought – since I had not copied over the previous Nintendo folder content to the SD card's /emuMMC/RAW1/Nintendo folder, Atmosphere/Kosmos obviously could not have been able to find them.

    Thus, I copied the content from my old ReiNX based SD card's Nintendo folder to the /emuMMC/RAW1/Nintendo folder of the SD card.

    ⚠️ Notice: I chose to "merge" the folders (when I was asked whether to do so my the macOS Finder's copy dialogue), possibly resulting in sort of a mixed state of the two Nintendo folder states. Could this possibly be the reason for my problems?

    However, Atmosphere/Kosmos apparently still wasn't able to find the files of the games, resulting in the "cloud" icon still being present.

    I then noticed that installing other NSP backups via Tinfoil/Fluffy did not work either (due to a warning with the error code 0x00234c02, which apparently pointed towards missing sigpatches), and thus installed both the sigpatches from i-heard-that-you-guys-need-some-sweet-patches-for-atmosphere.521164 and from Kosmos_patches_10_09_2019_bootconfig (in that order).

    This helped with the issue of not being able to install new NSPs via Tinfoil/Fluffy, but did not help regarding the inability of Atmosphere/Kosmos to find the files for my old, installed games.

    Afterwards, I successfully updated my emuMMC's underlying Horizon version from 8.0.1 to 9.0.1, using ChoiDujourNX (with enabled AutoRCM) option. This, however, did also not help with the problem.

    So my question is: Is there any way of getting Atmosphere/Kosmos (emuMMC) to properly find the games I previously installed via ReiNX (sysNAND) to my SD card (and have put into the now existing and used /emuMMC/RAW1/Nintendo folder)?

    EDIT: Of course I simply could re-install the games (and manually restore the save games created using Checkpoint?) but I'm a little lazy and I think it would be quite cool if the new setup would be able to find the previously installed games without re-installation. :)
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  2. eskinner3742

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    Feb 21, 2016
    United States
    When I moved from reinx to atmosphere I had the same issue either being corrupt or having the cloud icon, I messed around but no luck. I had to reinstall them
  3. The Real Jdbye

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    Mar 17, 2010
    If the game shows an error about corrupted data when you try to launch it, that state is saved to the system requiring reinstalling the game before it will work.
    Also, you probably should not merge the two folders. I'm not sure if that's an issue on the Switch but it certainly was on the 3DS. Try deleting the emuMMC\RAW1\Nintendo folder and copying it over again.
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