Konami's anniversary collections now include Japanese ROMs

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    Konami promised an update to include Japanese versions of the games and bonus books in their anniversary collections and they delivered. They also patched an audio glitch in Castelvania. This is a big deal for purists, because of regional differences in the Castlevania games. They included the PRG-0 Castlevania (U) ROM which contains a glitch sometimes causing the game to freeze after the battle with Death. I don't know if they have replaced it with the PRG-1 ROM; the Japanese ROM does not have this problem.

    Quoting Shiryu from Nintendolife:
    Source: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/20...ollections_now_include_japanese_game_versions
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    That's nice.
    But I perfer the versions I want to play, so I don't need those collections.
    They also not included the MSX version of Nemesis 2, that one is really good.