Konami Suing Viacom Over Rock Band

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Hadrian, Jul 11, 2008.

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    "Konami Corp., the Japanese creator of the ``Dance Dance Revolution'' music video game, sued Viacom Inc.'s Harmonix studio, claiming its ``Rock Band'' game violates patents.

    The Konami patents, issued in 2002 and 2003, relate to simulated musical instruments, a music-game system and a ``musical-rhythm matching game.'' Konami also makes the ``Karaoke Revolution'' music game with microphones, as well as the ``Metal Gear Solid'' espionage game.

    ``Rock Band,'' the game in which players emulate rock and rollers with toy instruments, drove a 16 percent increase in first-quarter revenue at New York-based Viacom's media networks business. Konami's Digital Entertainment unit said in May it plans to begin selling its own rock band game, called ``Rock Revolution,'' later this year.

    Konami is demanding cash compensation, plus an order that would block Viacom and Harmonix from using the inventions, according to the complaint, filed yesterday in federal court in Marshall, Texas. The suit names Harmonix Music Systems, Viacom, and Viacom's MTV Networks Co., which owns Harmonix.

    Viacom spokeswoman Kelly McAndrew said the company hasn't received the complaint, so had no immediate comment. "

    I wondered how long it would take them to do this, though it does seem to be a bit late. Also what about Activision who popularised the guitar genre with Guitar Hero? They've already had six titles released since 2005.
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    Don't the Konami mics work in Rock Band?
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    Maybe Konami owns the Karaoke Revolution gameplay copyright?
    If so, just as Harmonix is suing Activision over the GH gameplay, Konami sues Harmonix over the KR gameplay...nice [​IMG]
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    bloomberg doesnt lie.
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    Activision/Harmonix signed a license with Konami over Guitar Hero, so every Guitar hero game sold gives a little royalty to Konami. That's why.

    I bet Harmonix thought Rock Band was different enought from the Bemani games to bother doing the same.
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    Honestly, the whole thing seems stupid to me. Disney are making a Rock Band-esque game as well, so we'll end up with 4 new band games before next year :|.
    Obviously the music genre's taking off with all the interest it's gotten!
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    Do SingStar and American Idol also have contracts with Konami?

    I can't think of how to make a karaoke game (incl. vocal part of Rock Band) without it looking actually like a karaoke. (I think RB had both modes)

    Because, if you just sing to the lyrics on the screen and get scored, that's no different from actual karaoke.
    If you sing to the lyrics on the screen according to the pitch indicator and get scored, that violates Konami's patent.

    Woah.. kinda messed up.

    P.S. Karaoke's last "e" is pronounced the same as the "e" in Texas. It bugs me to the extreme when people say Karaoki. Japanese "e" sounds like "eh", not "eeeeeeeeee"
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    What the aticle fails to mention is that Konami did Guitar Freaks years before GH appeared.
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    Aug 27, 2007

    no but the singstar ones do on PS2 [​IMG]

    same as GUITAR HERO guitars work on ROCK BAND too [​IMG]

    and when we first played ROCKBAND ...we thought it was a collaboration with KONAMI to use their karaoke revolution style display for the note/beat of the songtrack [​IMG]

    OBVIOUSLY not now doh!!