Kojima Is Hiring For Next Gen Metal Gear Solid Game

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    Kojima Productions, the video game development company headed by legendary designer Hideo Kojima, has announced that it is aiming to staff up in order to create yet another title in the long-running Metal Gear Solid series of games.

    The company is talking about “Next Generation Metal Gear Solid” and the development team is aiming to hire new planners (which probably means designers), programmers and computer graphics designers for the project.

    The artists need to be able to create concept art, 3D character models, stages, character motions and interfaces while the programmers need to have experience with network, graphics, game character integration and plug ins.

    The previous experience requirements suggest that this next generation project will be created for the PC, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 from Sony.

    The job listing also suggest that the new game will have an online multiplayer element, although its not clear whether it will be cooperative or competitive.

    The job announcements are not offering any details on the next generation Metal Gear Solid title, like who could be the main character or when in the fictional history of the franchise it could be set.

    At the moment, Kojima Productions and Konami are working on Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which is based around the character Raiden and will be set before the events of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots.

    The game has a launch date of 2012 and there's a possibility that some of the people hired will also work on Raiden before moving on to the next generation project.

    Last year Kojima revealed that he was thinking about creating a new game franchise and about creating Metal Gear Solid 5 and that he was not decided which project was the most attractive.

    It seems that the choice has been mode and that Kojima will once more return to his most successful franchise.[/p]

    A new Metal Gear would be good, but I'm not so sure about an MGS5 game. I don't know where it would go from MGS4 which had a pretty good ending for me (well, it was stretched out a bit but the main idea of it was OK).
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    Peace Walker was originally to be coined as "Metal Gear Solid 5" so odds are it'd take place in the gaps between Snake Eater and Metal Gear. Although I haven't finished Peace Walker yet so I don't know if it'll be a definitive ending to that time period.

    Also, make it a game focusing on the Boss and I'll be everywhere.
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    and yet we still cant get a ZoE3...
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    where was Kojima's surprise / what was it if i missed it ?

    i think he mentioned something at E3 or something, dunno, anyone can help me remember here ?

    also: another MGS would be good, but meh stretching it, i believe new ppl = new franchise

    then again with Kojima we know nothing [​IMG]
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    Team up with Suda51 already Kojima.
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    Very hard to work out. We're gamers, he isn't and can't stand them. Well he says he can't play them because they give him headaches. Always been quite surprised he can still make a decent game to put between the cut-scenes.
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    What I wouldn't give to see a remake of the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2. I played MG and Snake's Revenge back in the day on the NES, but SR isn't considered "canon" to the story. At the time, Hideo didn't have access to the technology to tell the story the way he really envisioned it. And I was young when I played them so I dont think I quite appreciated the story the way an adult would. Besides, it was poorly-translated. I think I'd appreciate the story a lot more now if Hideo could deliver a polished classic revamped with next-gen graphics.