Koisuru Purin! Translation - Pudding in Love!

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    Aug 17, 2012
    Happy Happy Clover game absorbed much of my attention,
    I realized that characters from shoujo Ciao magazine is a must have.
    So other cute sweet characters appeared in this magazine were from Pudding in Love!
    This game is editable, not contain so much graphics, text, so why not to translate?!

    About what is this game?
    This is easy platformer with fun gameplay and good soundtrack, I just wanted to see it in english layout.
    Just for now I can share with you a title screen I've made lately.
    The goal is to translate all graphic, menu, maybe without text for cutscenes.

    best titlescreen for DS ever. ;)
    It's almost done, I care about blinking hearts.
    I got an issue with blinking flower and heart. I think this pictures should be placed in center of coordinates in NCER file for transform resizing, so changing coordinates in NCER is not good. If i change the double sized picture will be few pixels far from normal one, and animation will look wired, so I bet assembly skills is needed If I want to keep these blinking blobs in correct place. But what if I'm wrong, If someone know how to fix this issue and want to, I'm ready to listen.

    It's gonna be a bumpy.
    - graphic 98%
    - menu text 100%
    - area and stage names 100%
    - hintboxes 1%
    - cutscenes 0%
    ...stage names udpated.
    I think there's no point to translate all the hintboxes. I just translate some first of them. They acutally give nothing, it's better to discover how to work things on your own.
    The same thing with cutscenes... seems boring, I bet someone else can translate it better than me, so I just leave it.

    With cutscenes is another issue. In this place formatting procedure require constant 6pixel wide font, and I have changed to mixed size already.
    So if someone will translate cutscenes later there's two ways:
    - simplest and safety: change back font to previous one(default) or modify current to constant size
    - find asm code of displaying text for cutscenes and change.

    Patch released
    Pudding in Love! v0.7a
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    How cute! I might even want to play that sometime! How have I never heard of this?
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  3. plasturion

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    Aug 17, 2012
    Rly? That's great, good to know that there's someone who wants to play it.
    Just for me that's extra motivation to release that patch soon.
  4. eduall

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    May 29, 2014
    never heard of this! i'll wait for you path release :)
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  5. plasturion

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    Aug 17, 2012
    First patch and final(I hope) is released!
    I tested and works fine for me. How about you guys?!
    If you find some bugs, please let me know.

    I found one, I missed translation of final dress, lol. Nooo!
    maybe I'll fix it later with some more hintboxes...
    I'm not sure is it so important or not.

    Here's some screentshots from early development of this game.
    looks sligthly different.
    Are that logs from pacland? Sonic had logs too.
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