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    <b>Brunswick_Pro_Bowling_USA_REGION_LOCK_XBOX360-ZRY</b> apparently hit as well but this is a more pressing release.


    Appears to be region locked (European release is set for the 25th). Wave and AP25 nature unknown.

    An action adventure game in the vein of bayonetta, ninja gaiden or perhaps closer to last years Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. The 360 has no shortage of games in this genre although things did slow for a while in the wake of several great games (several are set for release over the coming months as well). This one is more the protect your partner (you are technically immortal although it takes inspiration from the "highlander" definition instead) and set in a somewhat alternate version of "medieval"/witch hunt Europe.
    It has not got the pre release hype of some of the other games coming up these next few months but it was among the more interesting showings at e3 this year.

    <b>Video of gameplay/boss battle</b>

    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

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    Hmm...looks pretty generic.

    I'll finish BulletStorm first.
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    I have a few games like this to play first/finish properly but yeah I am not in a hurry to play this.

    Also it makes for a nice study in boxart

    UK boxart (or at least what amazon has listed)

    Interesting that it is an 18 over here as well. Not so many games get that honour.
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    I played it. It's not bad but it has a few major issues. For example, I was facing a boss and after draining all of it's health I was put into an interactive cutscene. I failed it, so I had to beat the boss again with much less health. I died here and now I had to defeat the entire boss again while I should have been done with it awhile ago. The gameplay is rather generic, and graphically it doesn't hold up very well. Really cool story though, and I like the sound design.