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    Klonoa was Namco's somewhat later effort in the "PS1 needs a mascot" contest, this despite the era of mascots having come to a close some years prior. Later on it got a few games on the GBA where the first released to very divided reviews (some adored it, some thought it thoroughly mediocre) and became something of a hidden gem, though at present without the price tag we are seeing for other GBA hidden gems.

    Today akaishi came along to share news of a browser based level editor for the North American release, and had previously done some considerable work with the game to figure out how it worked. As level design was part of the main criticisms (GBAtemp's founder even noting this in his puzzle game special) this would be an opportunity to correct that, and as such we eagerly await the first "Kaizo" Klonoa hack.

    You can get to the level editor via the github link.

    A completed save is available on the download section if you want one.

    GBAtemp discussion thread. Also features some videos on reverse engineering the game and the construction of the level editor (it is rare we see online level editors for things like this, or indeed online ROM hacking tools at all) and might be of interest as people disperse to other platforms and still need tools.
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