Gaming Kirby 64 VC - Instant 100% File for Mini Games using the New Cheat Code!


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Jul 24, 2019
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This is very similar to my last discussion about how to get the minigames in Pokémon Stadium 2 working with multiplayer on Wii U VC!

In my fAmily, we have a long-running tradition of playing the Kirby 64 mini-games together, and today we were playing it on our actual N64, since I hadn't completed the game enough on my Wii U inject to play any of those games. But, uh, our N64 controller ports have been acting funky, so one of those ports refused to let me plug a controller in. It's a real travesty. So, in thinking to our next playthrough, to avoid not having the ability to have all four players, I felt I had better get those mini-games activated on the Wii U, posthaste!

The good news is, as of this year, we actually have a fairly instantaneous solution for this-- the newly-found second-controller cheat code to create a 100%'d game on Kirby 64. You can see it in action here:

We were a little skeptical as to if it would work on essentially emulated hardware, but I had faith-- I synced a second controller (Classic Controller, that is-- not enough controls for this with a Wiimote), booted up the game, made sure the middle save slot was clear, created a brand-new, untouched file on the save slot on the right so it just says "0%", then went to my VC menu and hit Reset. Then when the HAL Laboratory logo popped up, I did that whole rigamarole: hold down L the whole time while pressing the combination Right Analog Stick Up, Right Analog Stick Up, R, Right Analog Stick Right, Right Analog Stick Left, Start. (By default, most classic controllers will interpret C buttons as right analog stick, but if you changed it on yours, you'd just follow whatever you mapped it to.) It'll be clear if you get it correct because of the sound effect.

And just for the sake of preserving this marvelous, pristine insta-100% level slot, I backed up the save here:
I'd highly suggest just doing the simple code yourself, but if it suits your fancy, you can put my own save into your game using Saviine.
If you're running these games on Loadiine, you can use the same saves by putting the "80000001" and "common" folders in their corresponding save folder in Loadiine-- just rename "80000001" as "u" and "common" as "c".

Hopes this grants other people the same joy I have had! Poyo to one & all!
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