KingMax MicroSD 512MB vs 1GB

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  1. jadeN

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    Sep 26, 2006
    deciding on a microsd for a slot1 cart and speed seems to be a big factor so size isn't a big thing, s'long to fit 3-5 games, is good for me

    sticking with KingMax

    leaned towards 1GB @ 10.5MB/s, however I just realize now the 512MB @ 12.5MB/s

    so would the 512MB have better performance potential? i'm newbish between MLC and SLC be potentially faster, or is it strictly based on the spec read rate

    the 2GB is even 12.5MB/S and even 4GB @ 19.1MB/S (way out of my price range)

    appreciate any advise, thanks much! =)
  2. jadeN

    jadeN Newbie

    Sep 26, 2006
    i think i'll stick with the 512MB for $12

    emailed Kingmax and got the following response for those interested..

    "Because our Kingmax 512MB microSD is using SLC flash chip and the 1GB
    microSD is using MLC flash chip. MLC chip technology allows two data
    bits to be stored in each memory cell versus one data bit for SLC chip
    technology, MLC NAND Flash ICs (chips) can have double the memory
    capacity for the same size chip as an SLC chip, but performance for MLC
    chips is poorer.
    So, that's why the 512MB have better potential speed/performance.
    And Kingmax will use SLC chip for 1GB microSD product soon.
    Thank you,"

    Jason Mai
    Kingmax Micro Technology Inc.