Kingdom Hearts BBS:Final Mix translation FIX for Adrenaline

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    After messing with this on and off I managed to fix it this weekend. HERE This fix should work for all english translations that do not have a Prometheus patch applied. Just follow the readme, Enjoy.

    Special Thanks to KeytoTruth, Yosh and Xeeynamo for their translation and sharing their knowledge with me to aid me in fixing this.

    DISCLAIMER: I only tested this on a English undub translation (japanese audio/english text) using Henkaku r8 and adrenaline 4.0, I see no reason why it wont work on other versions of any of the above. I did not test if CSO format works. Please post your results so I know this actually fixed all versions.

    Update: Works on all english translations, IF prometheus is installed then delete prometheus.prx and eboot.old in SYSDIR before following the readme. Removing prometheus like this is not garantueed to work.

    If you are having issues running this game after you applied this FIX then something is wrong with your ISO.

    ps: No I will not fix any other broken games on Adrenaline for a while.

    Ps english game tested by me(chrisssj2) Works also.